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Recently, I posted a YouTube video discussing the notion of escape from a distance. My friend Cindy suggested that I talk more about our need to escape. I joined my hands (perhaps because I had just returned from my own escape hike in Hawaii?)

So let’s go.

I don’t know why, but the term “escape” has this negative connotation of avoiding doing something we should be doing and not facing reality. (Supposedly, facing reality makes us better, or what?).

I don’t necessarily agree. I think escapism is positive and can be extremely productive. Especially when we start to feel overwhelmed by reality and feel trapped by it.

Without escape, we can’t go back to the routine of daily stressors and keep going until, well, we can escape and recharge again! Allowing ourselves to escape helps us to recharge our batteries. Changing what we do and giving in to this impulse to run away from everything (people, situations or settings) is a win-win situation.

Beautiful escapes can be mental or physical. Short or long. Or in between. For me, a combo of the two is best. I recharge myself at best by remaining physically active while spacing myself out mentally. My favorite kind of escape is to travel, maybe far and to new places. Occupying my mind with what I see or will see and how to get from point A to point B and (roughly) execute my original plan gets me “escaped”, excited and totally in my rhythm.

You can get away from it all by writing, going to a concert, looking at pictures of cute kittens, practicing stretching or yoga, reading, listening to music or an audiobook (when you’re tired of visual stimuli) , taking a crazy spinning class, singing, working out, seeing a friend or… being alone by choice, daydreaming, singing, hiking, running (runner is high, anyone when that much-needed serotonin kicks in and you never want to stop what you’re doing?), swim, visit a gallery, touch a tree, hear a bird… These are just examples of what we can do each time we feel the daily load is too heavy.

Then there are ways to escape that can be unhealthy. But in general, getting away from it all is just wonderful for health and body.

Personally and no matter how much I want it; I’m bad at escaping when I’m not moving. So my way of escape is “moving meditation” – where I keep exploring/exploring/walking/running/traveling as I mentally escape taking in the experience, thinking to upcoming article content, planning the next trip… I love getting away from it all alone. But I see many people escaping with a partner or even in a group – and I realize that for many this is the preferred setting.

To each his own. Many of my fitness clients can meditate in the moment and stay still. They are in their wake there.

Escaping can be so calming, so try whatever gets you there! This results in that feeling recharged to face the day or week or two ahead… It increases our productivity once we get back from La-La Land. It helps us to be civil in our daily relationships and not to lose patience in the face of a nuisance, as we feel stronger, calmer and more responsible than before making that beautiful escape…

Try it?

Magdalena Romanska is the owner of Be Fit Fit personal training studio ( and the Top 5% Chairman’s Board Realtor® of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International in Sedona. Visit his blog “Be Fit Fit” on

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