Lil Bibby details his struggles with managing Juice WRLD’s music

Lil Bibby led Juice WRLD before and after his untimely death. Two years later, the rapper-turned-manager opened up about the struggles he faced while managing Juice’s business.

In a series of tweets he posted on Wednesday morning, June 8, Bibby expressed his frustration at trying to keep both the late rapper’s estate and his fans happy. The Chicago native, who heads up Grade A Productions, spoke about the backlash he’s received from fans who continually yearn for more new music from Juice while accusing him of profiting off the tragic death. of the rapper.

“People say we don’t put out enough music but then they say we do it for the money,” Bibby tweeted. “I’ll do my best, but I’m human and I have feelings. It’s not an easy job. People make crazy allegations and say hurtful things. I want to release music because I know that it’s what Juice wanted and I know the fans want it, but sometimes I just want to quit.

Lil Bibby has overseen Juice WRLD’s music since signing the rapper to his Grade A Productions label in 2017. The label partnered with Interscope to release the rapper’s debut album. Goodbye and good riddance in 2018 followed by Death race for love one year later. After Juice passed away in December 2019, Bibby began releasing more of the late rapper’s music as her own. legends never die album in 2020 and Fight the demons in 2021.

Grade A reportedly plans to release another posthumous Juice WRLD album called The party never ends. However, Bibby threatened to cancel those plans after several songs from the album leaked earlier this year.

“These leaks are spiraling out of control,” he wrote in a Twitter DM shared on social media. “I hope all the fans are happy, the endless party could be canceled if all this leaks.”

We’ll see Bibby follow through on her plans for a new Juice WRLD album. As of now, no release date has been confirmed.

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