LISTEN: SVDDEN DEATH and ATLIENS team up for “Purgatory”

Now available on BASSRUSH, “Purgatory” is the first collaboration between bass music superstars SVDDEN DEATH and ATLIENS. Just days before the first annual Summoning Of The Eclipse Fest in Tennessee, hosted by SVDDEN DEATH themselves, “Purgatory” is an explosive mood-maker that will have fans salivating for what’s to come.

The track has been circulating informally in bass music circles for nearly two years, gaining support from reputable names and traction on social media like Twitter and Reddit. Just under three minutes long, the track features a darkly eerie introduction leading to a prolonged build-up, almost a purgatory in its own right for listeners. Slightly more experimental than previous releases from the two artists, the track is reminiscent of space travel or extraterrestrial sound – featuring an astronaut on the track artwork, designed by BeSafe. While SVDDEN DEATH is normally released independently through their own label, Svdden Death Recordings, this will be ATLiens’ second release with Bassrush, following their secondary EP. Ghost planet.

“I never expected this track to be released, as it was a quick WIP the Aliens sent me during quarantine to work on just before my EDC set in 2020. Over two years after playing the track during my EDC stream, fans seemed to keep tagging us in it and the hype continued to grow. So when the aliens asked if they could release it a few years later… I was hesitant at first, but after working on it a bit more and improving it a bit, I said, “F** * it, let’s do it” – and I’m finally happy with the result and glad everyone is hearing it.


LISTEN: SVDDEN DEATH and ATLIENS combine for “Purgatory”

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