Marlon Williams Announces Third Album ‘My Boy’, Shares ‘Thinking Of Nina’

New Zealand singer-songwriter Marlon Williams has shared details of his third studio album, “My Boy”, as well as his second single.

The album, announced today (June 15), is the official sequel to 2018’s “Make Way For Love.” The announcement was anticipated on May 3 by the release of what has now been revealed as the title track. from the album, which was released last month. To coincide with the news, Williams released another single from the album, titled “Thinking Of Nina”.

An accompanying music video was shared for the song, made by New Zealand production collective Sports Team (not to be confused with the British band of the same name). A press release from Williams noted that the clip was inspired by music videos from the 80s, including Duran Duran’s “A View To A Kill” and Spandau Ballet’s “Gold.”

Watch the video for “Thinking Of Nina” below:

In the same statement, Williams noted the song’s themes “the dangers of wearing different faces in different places” and “fighting wars on many fronts”.

“It’s a song about…having so much of yourself that you’re not yourself at all,” he said. “The grim phenomenon of White Knight Syndrome is also at play; the desire to simplify, infantilize, protect and ultimately commodify an object of desire.

In its own statement, Sports Team noted that Williams was “full [Humphrey] Bogart” for the music video, “smoking a heroic amount of cigarettes for the role.”

“A special mention must go to Alice May Connolly as Nina, who has transcended her small screen to convince us that this fictional ’60s spy show can exist,” they said. “Or else, it must.”

“My Boy” was produced by Tiny Ruins guitarist Tom Healy at Roundhead Studios in Auckland, a studio owned by Crowded House frontman Neil Finn. Finn’s son and Crowded House bandmate Elroy also plays drums on the record.

Williams also noted a shift in musical influences while writing the album, which is reflected in the finished product. “I was listening to more steely, New Romantic stuff, like Duran Duran, John Grant, Perfume Genius [and] the Bee Gees,” he said. “All of those things fueled the machine.”

“My Boy” is set for release September 9 via Virgin. See album art and track listing below.

The song list for Marlon Williams’ “My Boy” is as follows:

1. “My boy”
2. ‘Easy to do’
3. “River Rival”
4. “My heart the wormhole”
5. “Princes’ Walk”
6. “Don’t Come Back”
7. “Sweet boys make class”
8. “Thinking of Nina”
9. “Morning Crystals”
10. ‘Travels’
11. “Promises”

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