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youTypically this weekend many of you are gearing up for another part of the always amazing 4Peaks Music Festival. However, as most of you know, this year the festival will not take place. Thankfully, those disappointed by this shouldn’t worry, as the flagship festival is set to resume in 2023. And as always, 4Peaks Presents has kept busy finding other ways to bring music into the center of Oregon in 2022.

This Saturday, music lovers can head to Silver Moon Brewing to hear live tunes from Boombox, The Hip Abduction, The Ben Larsen Band, Oregon Fryer and DJ iLko for a one-night musical extravaganza dubbed SOULstice.

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  • Jenise Jensen
  • This is what a Boombox set usually looks like. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience these vibes in person.

“Because we don’t have the festival, I still wanted to do something. It’s not in place festival and there is no camping and none of the additional festival events, but I wanted to bring bands who wanted to play the festival and have a 4Peaks night at Silver Moon. It was a really cool opportunity to bring these bands to Bend,” said Stacy Koff, owner of 4Peaks.

In classic 4Peaks fashion, the range is impressive and showcases a great mix of styles, which Koff is very proud of.

“When 4Peaks puts on a lineup, whether it’s two or 22 bands, it’s eclectic but it usually flows together. Boombox is a band that I’ve wanted to play late night at the festival for a while. They’re really, really energetic and fun. The Hip Abduction is such a cool California reggae band that also dabbles in the jam scene. For them to be here on a sunny Saturday at SOULstice, they’re going to be awesome,” she says.

Portland’s Ben Larsen has previously played 4Peaks with Crow & The Canyon, but not with his latest band. They’ll be bringing a funkier folk-rock side to SOULstice, and Bend’s own Oregon Fryer, who is a local American favorite, always knows how to get the crowd moving. Then, to keep the party going, it’s another Bend local, DJ iLko, who brings positive energy to every set he takes on.

It would have been year 15 of the 4Peaks festival, and while Koff knows events like SOULstice can’t quite replace it, she still brings plenty of music to town with their Campfire Unplugged series held every Thursday night at Campfire. Hotel, with a variety of other occasional shows. Koff remains driven and enthusiastic about bringing talented musicians to central Oregon, even though she misses the madness of hosting such a big festival.

“It’s a bit bittersweet. People ask me if that’s a relief, but it’s not. It’s mixed. Having a multi-day camping festival here is so relevant to the community. , and it’s so funny. To bring that kind of quality music to the area, to get people like Billy Strings and The Wood Brothers to come play here. I’m a bit saddened, but excited to bring other bands to the area,” says Koff. “It’s almost like my body in June took on a life of its own. My brain and my physical self don’t know what to do [without the festival]. It’s weird not being completely out of my head with 5,000 moving parts. I love it and thrive on it. People always tell me it’s the start of their summer.”

Without the festival, Koff expresses hope that SOULstice will still be a great night. For fans of the festival and the music that 4Peaks brings to the community, purchasing tickets to SOULstice or one of their one-time shows can go a long way in ensuring the festival is able to do all it can. wants in 2023 after returning from his hiatus. What is brought only reinforces the types of musicians they can bring to the High Desert.

“Everyone loves coming to Bend. And we’re proud to take care of the artist,” adds Koff.

Sat. June 25, 5 p.m.-midnight
Silver Moon Brewing
24 NW Greenwood Ave.
$39, no extra charge

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