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We are on the 671st day of the pandemic and Moyann has no shortage of ideas to keep his audience on tiptoe. Two weeks ago, the booming dancehall artist released his music video for his new single, Big Tingz, but before that she had raving fans on social media.

Moyann shared an image of herself in white with a veil and holding a bouquet of flowers, which she captioned: “A New Chapter of Happiness”. This immediately drew congratulatory comments from followers who equated the outfit with a wedding dress, speculating that this was how the singjay revealed she was engaged or married. Some male candidates even expressed their disappointment. During this time, those who knew the artist’s style quickly understood this.

Talk to The gleaner, Moyann said she believes in the institution of marriage and doesn’t ridicule any woman in her age group for taking that step.

“In the beginning, the goal was to get married at the age of 30. Now I realize that it doesn’t matter what age this happens, as long as the feeling is good,” Moyann said.

The recording artist has been very active on social media, but mainly uses the platform to share new music projects, as well as for the promotion of his existing catalog. She explained that while the platform is for business purposes, “it would only be fair to share something that would be so important to me,” including getting married, because “my fans are a part of my trip”.

Her Big Tingz single is on the Upstairs Riddim and is produced by Chimney Records. In the clip, which has garnered over 92,000 views on YouTube, she marries an elderly man whose character is called Bill Bentley III.

“My expectation on this track is that it will be a song the diaspora will love and feel confident about when they sing. ”

Sharing that she has also received approval from veteran dancehall artists like Sanchez, Moyann added: “It’s a good feeling to see that a successful veteran is aware of and supports my craft.”

Aiming high for 2022, she said her resolution was to work 10 times harder than last year. She was consistent with delivering new audios and visuals on a monthly basis, and anticipates that the only difference will be that she will do more, including the release of an EP.

She said, “I’m more than happy to finish my EP and just my overall content. I add a little more spice each time. And if it’s in the stars, I would love to be signed too, as a way to get my music known to a wider audience.

Moyann shared the view that Jamaican female acts get “the recognition they deserve,” but that requires them to put in 100 times more effort than men in the dancehall sphere.

“A change is always coming because music is constantly evolving,” she predicted for the growth of the genre and its female colleagues.

“While I cannot disclose any upcoming collaborations, as much as I would love to, there is a lot to look forward to. I also have to share that I am currently preparing for my long awaited performance in England and have can’t wait to see my sexy girl in london, ”Moyann concluded.

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