Music is a rejuvenating experience Rapper and singer Guri Singh


Music has always been a way of expressing emotions that are hard to express in words and that is why music has been so popular. It is one of the oldest and greatest forms of art. We have read many great artists, minds and philosophers writing notes and essays on the importance of music in our lives. Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “Without music, life would be a mistake. But music has a wide range of genres. Each generation has its favorite. Hip-hop and rap, which started to become mainstream in the 90s, are always finding new ways and new voices to be successful among young people. The musicians who compose these songs know what young people want to hear. They and their songs have become an inspiration to many.

Guri Singh is one of those musicians. Born and raised in Mandigobind Garh Punjab, this 30-year-old musician lives in Melbourne and passionately creates amazing songs and music. The people of Punjab have been fortunate enough to have a deep voice and this is due to the influence of folk music which requires you to sing in higher notes. Guri Singh has been really successful in carving out his own niche and has delivered consistent success so far. His music, influenced by Punjabi music and hip-hop, is all the rage among young people.

For Guri, music is something that fills his heart with ecstasy as he describes it as a rejuvenating experience. Guri Singh says he finds inspiration in great Punjabi artists such as Kuldip Manak, Gurdas Maan, Chamkila, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and many more. He says these artists really influenced his understanding of good music and songwriting.

Always able to create something great, Guri Singh has his own share of wrestling, but he says if you are truly passionate about something, all struggles are worth it because of the rewarding experience you get from it. . He says you have to really work hard and keep moving forward because that makes success inevitable. But you also have to be aware that success and failure are a part of life.

“I’d be lying if I said I don’t want success so that’s important. But you have to realize that this is part of your life, not your life. Said Guri Singh.

One of his many popular songs, “Garam Blood” has over a million views and his songs have hundreds of thousands of views. The best part of GUri Singh’s music is the editing of his music videos. We all understand that with the rise of video content and platforms that promote videos, it’s not enough to just have good songs. You’ll need to create some engaging videos that people can connect with and her videos are one of the best I’ve seen recently. You can check out her YouTube clip here

Guri Singh told us that he plans to release his next song, “Siraa” in October / November and that he hopes to release his album or ep next year and prepare for it. He will continue to drop songs he is known for. We wish this amazing artist all the best and hope to see his next song soon. You can follow Guri on his Instagram here and be a part of his journey.

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