New music from Stefania, Vaidas Baumila, Alyosha and more

The Eurovision 2022 season is slowly starting to heat up. Over the next few months, we’ll all fall in love and love with dozens of new national final and Eurovision appearances. But this does not mean that we forget the artists of the past competitions.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth of killer song contest careers, we’re still thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are on the rise.

Here’s our latest weekly roundup with a selection of some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New Music from Eurovision Artists: 2022 | Week 3

Stefania – “Don’t Wait Any Longer”

You don’t need “Wait No More” for Stefania’s new music, because the Greek Eurovision 2021 star has released a brand new single for all of us. The song mixes the old with the new – although it is primarily a Latin-flavoured pop song, the tune uses a recurring refrain from Beethoven’s Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor (Für Elise). Lyrically, Stefania is eager to start a relationship with a certain individual and wants to spice things up: “I can’t wait, wait no more / You want me, come take it down / Yeah down, can’t wait no longer”.

ALYOSHA – “Моє Море”

“Моє Море” (“My Sea”) is ALYOSHA’s new single. It’s a pop ballad that turns into an almost hymn-like final chorus. In the accompanying music video, the Ukrainian Eurovision 2010 singer is joined by two dancers who portray younger versions of herself. This relates to the lyrical content of the song, which is further explained in the video description:

“The song ‘Моє Море’ is a call to pay attention to what is raging deep within our souls and thoughts. There are feelings and sensations that you want to share. They are so strong and limitless that the whole world will have had enough of them. Feelings of beauty and happiness are born from childhood and accompany us to adulthood with a red ribbon. When we truly fall in love, those feelings are rekindled in our hearts.

mor ve ötesi – Sirenler

Turkish group mor ve ötesi kicks off the year with a brand new album. Mermaid (Sirens) features 11 songs, including recent singles “Forsa” and “Dünyaya Bedel”. The other nine tracks follow with a mix of rock offerings – these vary from dynamic tracks similar to their Eurovision 2008 entry, as well as softer, mellow songs.

Vaidas Baumila – “Tavo veidas”

Vaidas Baumila is slowing things down with her new single “Tavo veidas” (“Your Face”). It is a ballad that begins with the voice and piano accompaniment of Vaidas. Additional production is then added to provide a richer sound and shape the mood of the song. Speaking about the meaning of the song, the Lithuanian Eurovision 2015 star notes:

“Without a doubt, the new ‘Tavo veidas’ speaks of feelings, of a kind of quest and inner experiences. It’s like waiting for that beautiful feeling that can be very different for each person. We’ve collected lots of great metaphors about something unknown, maybe it’s a person, and maybe a feeling.

Kasia Moś – “Auto Stop”

Kasia Moś released “Autostop” (“Hitchhiking”). The Eurovision 2017 alumnus encourages people to journey across Europe to what lies ahead: And don’t worry about what’s to come next.” Kasia fans will be delighted to know that this is just the start of her new music. The Polish singer has announced that she will be releasing an album this spring.

Victor Crone – “The Wind in My Sails”

Victor Crone is ready to take off, all thanks to the support of his beloved. The Estonian Eurovision 2019 actor knows he’ll be supported by them even in the toughest times: “And I won’t let you go / If crashing waves crash on me / And you’ll say you don’t don’t know / That wherever I am / You’ll be the wind in my sails.” Musically, “Wind in My Sails” is a catchy guitar-driven pop song with a catchy conclusion.

she. – “Liebe = Freiheit”

“How is it possible / Unity to come / And loneliness to remain? / Tell me, is love really the same as freedom?” sings German ela. at Eurovision 2014 struggles with the fact that the person she has feelings for doesn’t seem to have a similar passion for her, and so she still feels lonely despite the love. “Liebe = Freiheit” (“Love = Freedom”) is a piano ballad that ela. puts its emotion in. The accompanying music video sees ela. serving face and is shot in one continuous close-up.

Hanna Pakarinen – “Vuoretkin murtuu”

Mountains are often used in lyrics to refer to things that stand the test of time. However, Hanna Pakarinen notes that “Even mountains break” with her new single “Vuoretkin murtuu”. The Finnish Eurovision 2007 star reflected on the birth of the song in an Instagram post:

“‘Vuoretkin murtuu’ was born on a winter evening in the darkest times of the year, a time when many questions were in the air, both in the life of a little person and in the future of all mankind. Although he sometimes feels like a completely invincible human hero, in the face of the various forces of nature, we are all quite small.

Jalisse – “E’ proprio questo che ci manca”

italy San Remo Festival is always a competitive contest – not just during live shows, but also when it comes to who comes to the festival. Eurovision 1997 duo Jalisse hoped to be included in San Remo 2022, but was unfortunately not selected. However, they went ahead and released the song they submitted for us to listen to anyway. ‘E’ proprio questo che ci manca’ (‘This is what we miss’) is about looking to the future remembering the past, with singer Alessandra singing: ‘If this is really what we miss, let’s go back to see each other like in a silent film / In black and white there is the color of the past and the warmth of the future waiting for us outside”.

Zina Bless – “Колесо”

Since performing at Eurovision 2019, ZENA has renamed herself Zina Bless. The Belarusian singer has also experienced a change in musical style, now releasing more urban and hip-hop oriented singles. His latest song is “Колесо” (“Wheel”), which is accompanied by a music video filmed in Kiev. In the description of the video, Zina Bless explains the message of the song:

“In pursuit of his dream, a person can lose the most important thing – himself. They begin to spin in a wheel of madness, vivid emotions, then routine and depression. Sprayed on everyone and everything. Get up. You are an individual, so carry it with pride to the end!

Harel Skaat – “עד שהשקט יעזוב”

Harel Skaat’s latest single is “עד שהשקט יעזוב” (“Until the Silence Goes”). Those who enjoyed the Israeli star’s Eurovision 2010 entry will be delighted to hear this new song is another ballad that ends with a moving conclusion. However, rather than the orchestral accompaniment of “Milim”, “עד שהשקט יעזוב” uses a mixture of traditional Israeli instruments and drum machine rhythms.

Which of these new songs is your favorite? Did we miss any? Do you have any artists you would like to thank? Let us know in the comments.

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