New Social Token Platform, INFLOW Music App Provides Alternative Revenue Stream For Fans

The new music economy is here for artists and fans

LOS ANGELES, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The INFLOW music app announced the official launch of its platform. INFLOW Music App is one of the first social media platforms that allows artists to launch their own fan tokens and monetize engagement with their community. With the launch of their own tokens, artists will benefit from continued funding as fans use the tokens to buy, rent and listen to their creations. At the same time, fans will have a new level of song ownership, including access to never-before-seen content, exclusive experiences, and live streams.

INFLOW Music App CEO-Founder Alexander Yoseph explained the reason for creating the platform, saying:

“We want to provide a platform where artists can fully monetize themselves instead of just their music, which is the only source of income they have.”

To learn how INFLOW Music App can help you as an artist, watch the demo video here.

The dilemma of the music industry

In accordance with the laws and regulations established on, record labels can receive up to 50% of music royalties, with featured artists getting 45%, and non-featured musicians and singers the remaining 5% in equal shares. So the people who work the most on the music, the artists themselves, receive little or nothing for their creations.

With INFLOW Music, artists will earn passive income every time their token is purchased. It’s now possible for the biggest economic producers in the music industry to generate wealth for themselves in the right way – and the fans are rolling with them.

Before an artist signs with a record label, it’s the fans who generate the majority of their value. Isn’t it better to reward them by involving them? That’s what alexander joseph (CEO) and Richard Melkonian questioned in their quest to find the right solution. Two years later, alexander joseph realized that artists were not receiving the same monetary benefits as their counterparts. Team up with Richard Melkonian, the duo combined their skills in artist management, decentralized exchanges and advice on the symbolic economy. Melkonian has over 7 years experience in coding with solidity and javascript and is also an award-winning producer and composer with the Royal Opera House of London.

INFLOW is revolutionizing the music industry

Decentralized labels: INFLOW is the first platform that allows artists to launch their own cryptocurrency and access a new type of revenue stream via NFTs/Tokens. A new way to monetize without worrying about copyrights/royalties.

INFLOW Music App was founded in Los Angeles, California, and plans to revolutionize music by monetizing the relationship between artists and fans. To celebrate the release, the brand held a launch event during SXSW 2022 at Austin, TX. Music artists can earn money through the sale of their tokens.

INFLOW Music app advisors and investors include Consensys, Protocol Labs, Dapper Labs, Warner Music Group, Live Peer, and more. The app has launched with Grammy-winning artists, such as producers Mike & Keys, King Chip, Domo Genesis, Casey Veggies, Stonez the Organic, and more!

Future expansion plans include adding more industries and sectors through INFLOW Sports and INFLOW Social, giving fans around the world a chance to connect with their heroes.

To learn more about the INFLOW Music app and how it helps artists and fans, visit their website today or connect with the team through their social media accounts at instagram and Twitter.

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