Olivia Rodrigo releases another hit clip for her song “traitor”

Olivia Rodrigo surprised fans on October 20 when she unexpectedly dropped her music video for her hit song “traitor. Rodrigo takes his fans on a nostalgic journey through high school relationships with his creative video. She tops the charts again, hitting # 9 trending YouTube videos.

Rodrigo surprised fans with the Instagram ad of the video.

She said: “surprise! traitor mv now! ??

The teenage pop star is no stranger to the surprise fall. Rodrigo did the same in August with another clip from his album “Sour”, for his hit song “brutal. ”

Rodrigo takes the viewer on a creative journey in the “traitor” video. The video shows Rodrigo and a group of children his age as they ride in a glowing neon purple van, go to a video game room, and break into the school swimming pool. She tells the story of heartache in high school through video as the group embraces their youngsters in these activities.

Unlike Rodrigo’s previous music videos which were directed by Petra Collins, Olivia Bee directed the “traitor” video. Bee uses a vintage film style which is a common creative choice for Rodrigo as an artist. A similar style of shooting is used in his other clips, “brutal” and “good 4 you”, Because Rodrigo makes it a common feature in his work. This retro style of video recording plays heavily on nostalgia and allows her to connect with the wide variety of ages of her fan base.

During the sincere bridge of the song, Rodrigo is immersed in the school swimming pool, after breaking and entering. The jump in the pool was a moment of release and Rodrigo had an emotional release. This was a crux in the video as she jumped into the pool with great urgency.

From the jump into the pool, the rest of the video shows Rodrigo’s emotion pouring through the screen. She gestures widely and is shown going through various scenes from here on out. The grief she sings in “Traitor” receives excellent visual representation as she displays her pain through her exaggeration in the video.

Fans took to Twitter to share their love for the video.

A tweet from @oliviatrivago said: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, aka Olivia Rodrigo’s traitor clip, I will be emotionally unavailable for the next 3-5 business days #traitorMV”

Rodrigo continues to find creative ways to connect with his audience and let his fans discover his art. Whether it was through his many music videos, his strong Instagram presence or different TikTok trends, Rodrigo had a variety of different content. 34-minute album “sour. “Rodrigue has topped the charts once again as her music video immediately rose to the top of trending YouTube videos and placed ninth. At only 18, she made her mark in the music industry with her hit album “Sour” and now her music video “Traitor”.

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