On display: ‘Mixtape, Vol. 1 ‘confronts the conventions of the art world


“Mixtape Gallery, Vol. 1” does exactly what a good mixtape is supposed to do: deliver a variety of sounds and moods with just enough connective tissue between them all to make it flow.

The exhibition is presented at Albany Center Gallery and at Collectiveffort in Troy and was co-organized by Jamel Mosely, vice-president of Collectiveffort; and Jennie Tang, associate curator of the Albany Center Gallery.

It features a range of mediums and styles, all by Blacks, Natives and People of Color.

Among the first pieces in the exhibition at Albany Center Gallery is a vibrant and whimsical abstract painting by Troy artist Kim Tateo. Several of Tateo’s paintings are featured in the exhibition and each has a dreamlike quality, with vibrant shades of blue and speckles of flora-like figures dotting each canvas.

Robert Cooper’s photography is perhaps less whimsical, but just as powerful. In a piece on display at the Albany Center Gallery, several people are lined up, socially distant, outside a pantry. In another, a black woman, in a cascading blue dress, poses in front of a richly colored red wall, sunlight from an industrial-looking window illuminating her face.

Nearby this work is a work by Mopélolá Adesinà, which digitally blends a self-portrait with a glowing cityscape in a piece titled “City In My Hands”.
The written word is also present throughout the exhibition, like the piece “For the days to come” which begins:

I left this poem open
Just for us
get in when
we lost our keys

“Mixtape Gallery, Vol. 1” is the first exhibition in partnership between the Albany Center Gallery and Collectiveffort, and it aims to showcase the talent of the local community and end the exclusion of non-white artists in spaces of art.

“We hope this exhibition will demonstrate that there is no limit to the types of people who can create or the forms through which creativity can be channeled,” the curators wrote in a statement. “‘Galerie Mixtape, Vol. 1’ confronts the conventions of the art world that have long been exclusive and in doing so begins to shift that culture to open up new spaces for voices that have always been there but not always heard .

Other artists on the show include Maryam Adib, Alycia Bacon, Mikki Badu, D. Colin, Sofeia Eddy, GATO, Malchijah Hoskins, Jackson, Tyler Ki-Re, Josh Knight, Jahniah Kum, José Santos Nuñez, Jason Blue Lake Medicine Eagle Martinez, Eddie Serrano and Baju Wijono.

There will be an artists reception from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, November 5 at the Albany Center Gallery and on Friday, October 29 at Collectiveffort. The exhibition will run through November 19 in Albany and through January 14 in Troy. For more information, visit albanycentergallery.org.

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