Orits Wiliki re-elected MCSN board chairman, warns music content users

Orits Williki, the Koolman Revolutionary, was last week unanimously re-elected Chairman of the General Council (Council) of the Musical Copyright Society Nigeria Ltd/Gte (MCSN) by the members of the Council for a second term of three years.

Immediately after his re-election, Williki immediately sprang into action, outlining his roadmap for the new term and urging all users of musical works and sound recordings to uphold their copyright obligations to the MCSN and to ignore any request from an impostor organization posing as a collecting society.

Williki took the opportunity to thank all the members of the company and the other members of the board of directors for trusting him to re-elect him for another three years of service and reiterated his commitment to guarantee the respect of the obligations in copyright matters.

“Unlike in the past, MCSN is now ready to bark and bite. All music users must respect their copyright obligations. Because from now on, the MCSN will deploy the instrumentality of the law to enforce its rights,” he said.

He further took the opportunity to respond to complaints lodged with the company by music users, especially broadcasters, seeking clarification on the allegation by the “Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON)” that a Federal High Court issued a judgment to stop a radio station, City FM, from broadcasting musical works in its programs without its license (COSON).

“In accordance with the provisions of Section 39 of the Copyright Act 2004, ‘COSON’ is not a statutory collective management organization as it does not hold the endorsement or license of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) NCC is the federal regulatory agency responsible for licensing and approving collective management in Nigeria,” he said.


He added that “the judgment that COSON parade was obtained by deception in the lawsuits Nos: FHC/L/CS/425/2020: COSON & ors vs NCC & Ors and FHC/EN/CS/58/2018: COSON & Ors vs. CCN & Ors. The Judgment of the Honorable Justice Oweibo of the Federal High Court in Lagos on which “COSON” relies may have been rendered with certain necessary facts and laws deliberately concealed from the Honorable Court. and law are as follows:

“By Judgment of Honorable Justice Seidu of the Federal High Court in Case No: FHC/CS/L/274/2010: Musical Copyright Society Nigeria Ltd/Gte v Copyright Society of Nigeria Ltd/Gte & Ors, rendered on March 25, 2020, the Court ordered that the name.

“Copyright Society of Nigeria Ltd/Gte” be removed from the Companies Registry in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission. The implication of the judgment is that COSON does not exist in law ab-initio. The judgment stands. The judgment also implies that anything done by, to, or with anyone under the COSON name remains null and void and of no effect.

“By Judgment of the Federal High Court in Case No. FHC/L/CS/606/18, Copyright Society of Nigeria & Ors vs Efe Omoregbe & 7 Ors, rendered on 23 May 2019 and Case No. FHC /L/CS/ 424/2020, where the Court by the Honorable Justice Liman ruled on May 19, 2020, that COSON’s endorsement on which he filed his case expired by efflux of time, leaving nothing on which to COSON’s case could stand or continue.

“If all these facts and cases had not been concealed from the Honorable Judge Oweibo, the Court would not have rendered the said judgment in favor of COSON as exhibited, and as such the judgment was rendered in error. or obtained fraudulently. COSON “cannot therefore claim any legal status and free to act illegally unless it successfully clears the above legal hurdles,” Orits Williki concluded.

After laying the groundwork for why music users can’t pay copyright royalties to any organization other than MCSN, the re-elected president warned music consumers to uphold their copyright obligations. author to MCSN or risk litigation.

Also speaking, the Director of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), Mr. Mathew Ojo, who represents the commission on the board of MCSN, called on the media to inform the public that MCSN is the sole collective management organization approved by the NCC and therefore music users must comply with their copyright obligations to MCSN in order to avoid litigation.

For his part, the CEO of MCSN, Mr. Mayo Ayilaran explained that the chairman was re-elected after serving when the company was in the trenches.

“It is a fact that Orits was the chairman when we were in the trenches, but now we have come out of it. What remains is the stability of the operations of the company. So the board members felt that it should be re-elected to ensure the stability of society in the future. As they say, you don’t change a winning team,” he added.

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