Passionate about fashion and beauty, Deepa Sree wants to work on a musical album: The Tribune India

Isn’t the craze for music videos increasing day by day? Of course, it has now become a hot spot for several influencers and newcomers to make their foray into Bollywood. As the demand for influencers in music videos skyrockets, Deepa Sree has also expressed her desire to work on the same! You don’t want to miss what she shared, do you?

Deepa and her love for fashion, beauty and fitness are already taking social media by storm, and now she wants to win hearts by working in music videos. Here’s what Deepa said: “By working on a music video, I want to nurture my other talents and showcase them in front of the world.” For those who don’t know… Deepa Sree is an incredible dancer and singer. Isn’t that interesting? Undoubtedly! She seemed like a flawless multitasker.

Along with her desire to work in music videos, Deepa Sree went on to say, “Who doesn’t love watching music videos? I think these have more fans than other entertainment channels. Also, music videos still live on YouTube, which is why I too want to be a part of this evergreen industry.”

Since we’ve already revealed the fashionable, glamorous, astrologer and guide facets of Deepa Sree, it would be exciting to see her show up as a singer and actress. And what’s more? While talking about her future goals, Deepa also confessed her past journey.

She said: “It was not easy to choose passion above all else. I have to walk a long way before I can walk down the aisle of stardom. One thing that I support and suggest others do is is to be consistent.” Deepa Sree quit her job to make fashion her main focus. Since then, she has shown unwavering dedication to achieving her goals.

The woman is held in high esteem for her particular sense of fashion and her approachable beauty advice. Deepa Sree’s vitality and professionalism has allowed her to work with brands such as Nykaa, Clovia, CashKaro, Kama Ayurveda, Voylla, De Moza Stores, Sugar, MyGlamm, St. Botanica, The Moms Co, Organic Harvest, Flipkart, Amazon, Sanfe, Sirona, etc. Deepa Sree has come a long way, and she still has a long way to go. We hope that she will successfully realize all her future projects!

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