Post Malone’s Pre-Fame Music Video Is A Real Trip

A music video Post Malone filmed in high school has been doing the rounds online, and we can’t get enough of it.

Since becoming a smash hit and becoming a household name, the rapper has released several award-winning music videos. For example, his visual “Circles” is a cinematic saga with impressive effects, dramatic costumes and a gripping plot.

Watch Post Malone’s “Circles” Music Video

The “Better Now” star clearly knows how to capture audiences’ attention, and her visuals are undeniably leaving a lasting impression. Classics like the blood-soaked “rockstar,” which features rapper 21 Savage, might still spark conversations today.

However, all great things start somewhere. In Post Malone’s case, his artistic debut apparently involves cut jorts and his alter ego Leon DiChino.

In 2016, a music video he filmed while attending Grapevine High School in Grapevine, Texas made its way online. The artwork brings his song “Why Don’t You Love Me?” to life, and it is – to put it lightly – a camp classic.

According to Big Top 40, the visual was filmed for an art class. Compared to his later releases, “Why Don’t You Love Me?” is much simpler, but it’s still iconic.

In it, the soon-to-be celeb wears cropped jeans and dances cheekily with a friend in front of a white backdrop. Lyrics flash across the screen, and there are cheesy special effects that hark back to the early days of Mac’s Photo Booth filters.

Watch “Why Don’t You Love Me?” by Post Malone Music Video

“Why don’t you love me?” might not be nominated for Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards anytime soon. However, it is certainly still considered a cult classic. After all, the release has been viewed 14 million times over the years.

And while Post Malone hung up on his Leon DiChino character, Genius noted that he shouted it more recently in the lyrics to “Psycho.”

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