Royal biographer says Prince Harry is channeling Princess Diana in his interactions with the public

Princess Diana’s royal biographer told the way Prince Harry interacts with people is very reminiscent of his mother. The the expert called Harry ‘a natural’ and highlighted how her approach “brings you back” to the days when Diana showed so much kindness to the public.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Mark Kerrison / In pictures via Getty Images

Prince Harry ‘is a natural’ like Princess Diana, says biographer

During an interview in June 2022 on the Pod save the king podcast, biographer Andrew Morton shared how Prince Harry’s “charisma” is reminiscent of Princess Diana.

Morton said Prince Harry reminds her of Princess Diana when interacting with people. “Prince Harry was and is a natural. He and his wife have charisma and there’s no denying that,” the biographer explained.

“People respond very positively to them when they meet them,” Morton noted. “There’s obviously a lot of negativity around their behavior and policies, but Harry has always been someone who connects.”

He added: “And when I see Harry kneel down and put his arm around a child, I look at Diana again. It takes you back 25, 30 years.

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Biographer says Diana ‘made the Royal Family more relevant’

When asked why Diana had “had such a lasting influence”, Morton said she had really “made the Royal Family more relevant” by bringing warmth to the institution.

“I think Diana’s influence has lasted longer than we ever thought…because her torchbearers in life, William and Harry, didn’t forget her, organized concerts in his memory,” Morton explained. “Harry himself says he never makes a decision without referring to her in a spiritual sense.”

He continued: “She marked a turning point in the behavior of the royal family and, through her behavior, contributed to modernizing and making more human the royal family.”

Morton added: “So it wasn’t big purses and white gloves and indifference. It was trickier than it had ever been in the past. It has therefore made the royal family more relevant for modern times.

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Meghan Markle could have used her royal status to ‘make a real difference in the world’, expert says

Morton also discussed how a “natural” Meghan is. She was involved in charities and other projects during her time in the royal family, but she and prince harry have decided to step down. According to the biographer, Meghan could have had a huge impact on causes close to her heart if she was an active royal.

“The big tragedy, I think, is that Meghan and Harry didn’t give enough time to see if they could try,” Morton said. “They were out almost before the wedding music was over.”

He continued: “Meghan is a natural. I have pictures of her when she was 10 leading a march against the first Gulf War at her school. The local TV cameras came on and she was there. She was giving interviews when she was 12.

The expert shared: “She spoke at the United Nations in front of Hillary Clinton. She had great opportunities to use her talent and position to bring about real change in the world. I don’t think she’ll change her life in Montecito that much.

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