San Diego Public Library’s New Art Gallery Breaks Down Barriers with Cross-Border Artists – NBC 7 San Diego

A new exhibition opened on Saturday at the art gallery of San Diego City Central Library, featuring works created by artists who have lived and worked in Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego. The exhibition “Occupy Thirdspace II: Plastica y Palabra en TJ/SD”, explores the history of the relationship between the visual arts and language from the late 1980s to the present day.

“The artworks in this exhibition explore the complex relationship between contemporary art practice and the ‘palabra’ (word),” said curator Sara Solaimani. “From alphabets to text to phonic elements, each work engages the audience in a unique exchange using many new visual and auditory languages.”

The exhibition presents a collection of multimedia contemporary art including soundscapes, projections, installation pieces and two-dimensional framed art. It features works by several artists including David AvalosElizabeth Sisco, Louis Hock and Omar Pimienta.

Photos: “Occupy Thirdspace II: Plastic and Palaver in TJ/SD”

“It was important to bring this show to the library’s visual arts program in order to engage in dialogue with our colleagues across the border who are an important part of our region. said Bonnie Domingos, director of arts and culture exhibits at the library.

“Ultimately, this exhibition is about cross-border artistic practices that address historical revision and seek to overcome and transcend barriers,” said Domingos.

The exhibition is free to the public and will be on view until May 2, 2022. An opening reception was held Saturday evening on the Central Library’s iconic Dome Terrace, which featured a live performance by the musical group Sonidero Traverse.

For Central Gallery opening hours and more information, visit the Library’s Art and Culture Exhibits website.

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