Sega announces two new film adaptations for cult classics

Sega has officially announcement that it has reached an agreement with the North American media company Picture Start for the production of the films “Space Channel 5” and “Comix Zone”. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news shortly after, shedding more light on the details of the collaborative project.

Released in 1999 as a title for the Sega Dreamcast, Space Channel 5 is a musical game set in a future space broadcasting station. Players take on the role of Ulala, a journalist working for a news channel in a 1960s-style sci-fi future filled with competing news channels. Later, she moves on to battling aliens with not only her reporting, but also her dancing powers and music. With the help of her fans, Ulala will defeat the aliens and their leader Blank. It gained popularity due to its disco-like music and cutting-edge graphics at the time, and the film will aim to have a similar premise.


Sega’s new project is currently being written by Barry Battles and Nir Paniry. Battles is a writer and director known for his work on Outlaws of Baytown and Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate. It won the 2007 Southern Fried Flicks Film Festival Award for Best Short Film and People’s Choice. Paniry is best known for Excerpt, a 2012 American indie sci-fi thriller about a scientist whose conscience is trapped in the mind of a convict, and was nominated for the Emerging Visions People’s Choice Award at the SXSW film festival.

Comix Zone is a beat’em up action game for the Sega Megadrive released in 1995. It has awesome cartoon-style graphics in the style of an American comic book. It was a groundbreaking game that earned Sega the patent for a “video game system for creating a cartoon simulation game”. The artwork tells the story of a popular artist who wanders the world of comics and moves from frame to frame battling scary monsters. The game is also now available on the Genesis Mini, released by Sega in 2019.

Comix Zone will be written by Mae Catt, who is best known for Transformers: Cyberverse, Marvel Rising, and Young Justice. Picture Start will oversee both projects, which is a company responsible for numerous Oscar-winning films and adaptations, including The Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games. At SEGA, Shuji Utusmi, executive vice president, and Toru Nakahara, producer of the series ‘Sonic: The Movie’ will oversee the work. Space Channel original game writer Takumi Yoshinaga will also be on the project, alongside Sega producer Kagasei Shimomura.

Sega is currently working on a third film in the Sonic the Hedgehog film series, which was announced by Sonic voice actor Ben Schwartz on Twitter to be released in cinemas in December 2024. Picture Start is also co-producing a Borderlands movie, based on the video game series of the same name developed by Gearbox. A first look at the film was revealed earlier this year.

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