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Unique collaboration brings black art to a popular Chicago building.

This is the first such exhibit now taking place at One Two Pru, also known as Prudential Plaza, located in the Loop. It’s not uncommon to see art in downtown halls, but most of the pieces in this art exhibit are from Galerie Guichard, a black-owned art gallery in Bronzeville.

“The exhibit at One Two Pru is an introspection of Chicago and it covers everything from jazz to blues, energy, introspection and the landscapes depicting the Great Migration, so that’s all Chicago has. to offer, “says Andre Guichard, co-owner of the gallery. Guichard.

Sterling Bay and Galerie Guichard have teamed up to create this one-of-a-kind free art exhibition. The goal is to showcase black artists and bring their work to an audience that might not have been exposed otherwise.

“It’s all about inclusion,” says Frances Guichard, co-owner of Galerie Guichard. One Two Pru invited the Guichards to exhibit their work and pieces from their gallery, giving artists an exposure they wouldn’t normally have.

Sterling Bay Director of Diversity and Strategic Development Keiana Barrett says the idea came about as she reflected on how the real estate developer can play an active role in promoting and nurturing diversity .

“At this time last year, we were at a critical intersection with the peak of the pandemic as well as a calculation around race and social justice, and so we were really intentional about how we could use that. as an opportunity to spend a moment creating a movement for change, ”says Barrett.

The exhibition titled “African Diaspora: Chicago” features 20 acrylic collage and mixed media works, all related to Chicago. It opened in May and a new collection of coins just released in November. The current exhibition will run until May 22. The Guichards say they have already sold five of the 20 pieces presented in the exhibition. Sterling Bay and Galerie Guichard say they hope to capitalize on this new exhibit and spur economic growth in black-owned businesses and neighborhoods.

“We noticed more tourists coming from Bronzeville, looking at the gallery and we assume that they probably see it here first and can then come to the gallery,” says Frances Guichard.

For Sterling Bay, the collaboration with Galerie Guichard is the first in a long series.

“This is a signature initiative for us as well, and what we hope is that it will be the impetus for a series of collaborations like this, not only within our own portfolio of properties, but we want to set the bar across the industry, “says Barrett,” as we think and talk about diversity, I always say that meaningful and measurable diversity must make the word not just a noun but a verb, there has to be an action behind it.

The Guichards also hope that the exhibition can be a reminder of the power of art and the impact it can have.

“This is really our motto, see art, love art, buy art, live with original art and our artists in the African diaspora, multicultural artists are able to help us to a really important way in this time of COVID, “says Andre Guichard.


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