Someone projected “Karen space” on the side of Twitter’s closed HQ tonight

Elon Musk

Elon Musk
Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIME

We will say this: if the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk doesn’t produce anything of value – and gosh, but is that an “if” that feels like an increasingly solid bet as each new day passes– at least it will produce an image that will live on for years in our mind: A scroll set of insultsincluding “of the dictator asskisser,” “mediocre kid” and, most beautifully, “Space Karen,” projected tonight on the side of the social media company’s headquarters. Said building, of course, is currently closed, in the middle of the business last “mass exodus” of employees in the space of a few weeks.

Unlike the last the time Musk lost a huge fraction of the workforce of his recently purchased asset – when he laid off about half of the company’s employees less than a week after being forced to buy it at a self-set and exorbitant price – this last departure does not appear to have been fully intentional. By CNNTwitter officials apparently did not expect Musk’s latest ultimatum to employees, which required them to choose, within 24 hours, between resigning and taking a severance package, or committing to a “hardcore” workplaceto lead to enough so many people giving a hello emoji and taking the money.

It’s not yet known how many people left Twitter today; news reports on the company’s Slack channels describe waves of these greetings, which have become shorthand for “I don’t want to work for Karen space anymore.” (“Petulous button.” “Apartheid profiteer.” “Supreme parasite.” They really are very good.) Musk’s team apparently closed badge access to the building for the weekend shortly after the deadline for the ultimatum expired, apparently for fear of sabotage. (Non-Elon-based sabotage, we mean.)

The mood on Twitter itself, meanwhile, is even more apocalyptic than usual; we even saw people doing what seemed like true good faith efforts to move to the social media system Juggernaut, hitherto thought be strictly hypothetical task. The main concern right now is that, even by conservative estimates, Twitter has lost a plot of people passing the tweets over the past two weeks; with the World Cup starting on Sunday, this new “hardcore” Twitter 2.0 is about to take one hell of a stress test, the kind you typically do not inflict on terminally ill patients, on the not-that-off-chance that they will die.

Damn it : Iimagine if someone who was not a genius had bought this thing!

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