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SHERIDAN – A number of local artists will perform at the Spirit of Sheridan Music Festival scheduled for August 12 at Sheridan College in hopes of giving back and inspiring the community that has helped them succeed.

Ebenezer Eferobor said the concept for the music festival started last year, as the community battled the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Let’s raise people,” Eferobor said of the idea. “Let’s help people come out of the darkness they feel.

As ideas developed for the concert and now the music festival, Eferobor said, the concept of restoring and enhancing the spirit of the community has come to the fore.

For him, the Spirit of Sheridan is service, community involvement, hope and joy. And, he thought, what better way to thank the community and bring joy than with local faces, voices and artwork.

The concert will feature six Sheridan College alumni and instructors and community members from the 11-member group Ebey and The Conversations and local group The Dugan Irby. The performance will include a wide variety of music, including songs by Carlos Santana, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Ebey and more.

Eferobor and Dugan Irby both enjoyed success, in large part because of the support and resources they had at Sheridan.

“This community is amazing,” said Dugan Irby. “They took us to Nashville to record our first album.”

Irby – who bought a guitar at age 12 but started singing long before that – has grown in popularity in Sheridan County in recent years, playing Luminous Brewhouse, graduations, weddings and more. concerts in town. Sheridan County fans helped make the dream come true for Irby and his band with a fundraiser that saw the band surpass their goal of $ 12,000 to cover production in Tennessee.

Eferobor, who is from Lagos, Nigeria, said he went from barely being able to afford a meal a day to studying and working in Sheridan County. He studied music at Sheridan College, composed original music, and taught children’s camps in college.

While the event scheduled for August 12 began as a concert last year, Eferobor said this year’s event will feature more artists and that organizers plan to establish mentorship programs to help performers. children of the community. The goal, according to Eferobor, is to pair children with adults who can help open doors and opportunities.

The event itself will represent several generations, cultures and styles in Sheridan County, offering a little something to everyone in the audience.

“People want to be able to immerse themselves in the feeling that the music brings,” said Eferobor, adding that this is what the festival aims to provide.

Irby also hopes to give a sense of accomplishment to those attending Thursday’s festival.

“The spirit of Sheridan, this is a aptly named event for here,” said Irby. “It’s really amazing what this community can and has done. Sheridan deserves to be celebrated.

With this idea of ​​celebration in mind, the organizers mainly plan to provide an atmosphere of fun for the festival attendees. Burgers, hot dogs and ice cream will be free for ticket holders starting at 5:30 p.m. outside the Whitney Center for the Arts.

The Spirit of Sheridan started in 2020 and benefits a different nonprofit each year. This year’s recipient will be the Sheridan College Foundation. Tickets cost $ 10 for adults and $ 5 for students, seniors and veterans. For more information on this event and to purchase tickets, see sheridan.edu/arts.

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