Spool on iOS: A Must-Have New Tool for Musicians Marketing Their Music on Instagram and TikTok

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Video editing meets drum machine in a one-of-a-kind app that disrupts the music video creation process.

Self-promotion for modern musicians is a necessity. Short video is king on social media, but creating unique visual content takes time. Spool removes all these barriers.

—Ben Guerrette

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, Aug. 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pixite today announced the launch of Spool, an immersive app that reinvents the way we create music videos.

“Self-promotion for modern musicians is a necessity. Short video is king on social media, but creating unique visual content takes time. Editing a video and finding good source material is not easy. Spool removes all those barriers and makes the experience fun,” says Ben Guerrette, Director of Experience at Pixite.

Spool enables the creation of a professional-looking music video with a fraction of the time – and cost – of hiring a studio or producer. Visuals can be imported or selected from a collection of tracks hand-picked by artists. Mix and match videos from Spool’s library of stunning content and add impactful effects.

Spool’s visual library comes from internationally renowned video creators including Big Visual Chill, Ravie, Bear from Void, REWIS3D, and Sandy Leung. Spool also has a curated Soundstripe library with a variety of inspirational tracks. All content is included in the Spool Pro subscription, which costs $49.99/year and includes unlimited access to Spool’s features and tools.

Editing with Spool is like playing a drum machine: listen to a track and add visuals in real time, playing videos to the beat. Create captivating, pro-quality music videos in minutes.

Spool is the latest addition to Pixite’s suite of award-winning apps, including Assembly Graphic Design, Pigment Coloring and Zinnia Journal, all of which have been featured by Apple on the App Store.

Key features at launch include:

Creative control
Hit 12 video pads and 6 global effects in real time while performing your visuals to the music
Easily replace video and effect pads
Create video exports in portrait, landscape or square mode, and share them effortlessly on social networks or with friends
Record and play custom sequences
Video editing made easy

Colorize, trim and add effects to videos and music
Playback settings: lock visuals to loop or trigger when pressed
Sync parameters and automatically trigger effects to the beat with BPM Sync
Adjust the attack and release of each global effect to fade in/out or on/off

A carefully curated library contains a wide range of original visuals and video content, made by some of today’s most prolific and inspiring visual artists and VJs.
Visuals include animation, live action, psychedelic and trippy effects, 3D graphics, slow motion, landscapes, cartoons, hand-drawn images, and more.
Real-time effects

Load your own songs from your device
Select music from your personal Apple Music library
Choose from a personalized collection of music, with styles like techno, hip hop, EDM, and more.
Download Spool from the App Store and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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