Steve Lacy Channels Future Funk On New Album ‘Gemini Rights’

Music – 2 weeks ago

Photo credit: RCA/Julian Klincewicz

Steve Lacy has released his new 10-track album Gemini Rightswith guest appearances from fellow The Internet members Matt Martians and Fousheé.

Steve Lacy saw her Gemini Rights. On his new 10-track album, the musician explores the depth of love, heartbreak, polyamory and gender fluidity, with guest appearances from his The Internet group mate Matt Martians and singer Foushee. Prior to the album’s release, Lacy released the singles “Mercury”, “Bad Habit” and “Sunshine”, where he and Fousheé are seen suspended by cables on separate cranes.

Gemini Rights comes three years after the release of Lacy’s debut album Apollo XXI, which was nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album (now Best Progressive R&B Album) at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. In 2020, the musician comes out The Lo-Fis, a compilation of old demos, some of which were featured on his SoundCloud page. Along with the release Gemini Rightsthis year, Lacy contributed to Brent Faiyazthe second album of WASTELAND (“Gravity”) also featured on new Ravyn Lenae album Hypno (“Taut skin.”)

In an interview with VultureLacy revealed that his production on mac miller2018’s song “Jet Fuel” was originally intended for Kendrick Lamar2017 album DAMN.

“[DJ] Dahi and I, when we were working on DAMN., the first day I came to work on this record, we just made beats,” Lacy said. He is so organized. “He has all these different drum loops. He had this loop, and I did this groove, but Dot didn’t use it. Dahi just collects stuff. I guess Malcolm was working on his record and he liked the beat that became “Jet Fuel”.

Flow Gemini Rights below.

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