Steve-O reveals his ‘horrific and shocking’ rap videos and his fans are in tears

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Steve-O revealed his “horrible and shocking” rap videos via his YouTube channel, his past antics leaving fans in tears of laughter.

Although the 47-year-old Donkey the star has previously spoken of her “humiliating and failed rap career”, it is the first time that actual footage has been revealed.

After listening to a few short lines of songs such as Snitchin ‘is B * tchin’, Cocaine crack feels so good, Spit on my dick and All eyes on Steve, it becomes very clear that Steve-O made the right choice to pursue a career in stunts rather than hip hop.

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Less poetic lines such as “Just kidding, I suck in bed” and “I steal my mom and my rhymes are the bomb” left viewers in utter embarrassment.

An amused person commented:

What I take away is that Steve-O has some good friends who were willing to put up with it for the worst. We could all use a friend like this.

Another wrote: “I love Steve-O’s humility. We’ve all had and had very uncertain times in our lives. You probably beat everyone in the amount, but the fact that we could laugh about it. today is a blessing.

“Hell, my hairstyle in the mid-90s is something that I still hide today. All the photos have been destroyed to my knowledge.

As reported by HipHopDX, although the videos may look like parodies looking back, Steve-O had actually landed a legitimate recording deal with Universal Music Group and collaborated with a number of esteemed hip hop names – including MC Breed, MOP , B-Real and Kool G Rap – for what was to be his debut album, Hard as a rock.

UMG gave me a contract to record. I had a contract with a record but before it came out I was so out of control with drugs and alcohol that I ended up in rehab. And that got a lot of fun out of it. It was a lot less funny with me legitimately fucked up. And the shit was really bad anyway. So they went ahead and put it aside.

I have a lot of love for the people at UMG. The way they treated me – because I was an absolute nightmare. I was a bunch of crap, not fun to work with and just a big headache for everyone – and they were really cool to me.

Steve-O has now happily been sober for almost 14 years, and many fans have expressed their admiration for him for overcoming those difficult times, while still being able to laugh at himself.

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