Stromae Releases Intimate Live Performance Video For “Hell”

Stromae Releases Intimate Live Performance Video For

Belgian rapper, singer and songwriter Stromae has released a revealing and heartbreaking new single titled “Hell”. The single was accompanied by two new music videos, including an official music video and a live performance of the single on live French television.

In his new single, the musician reveals his battle with mental health issues, including in the lyrics an admission that “I’ve thought about suicide a few times and I’m not proud of it”. Musically, the song reflects the same heartbreak and angst its lyrics convey, alternating between slow, hopeless piano playing and a huge haunting chorus featuring an array of different voices.

The artist’s official and live music videos convey a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, forcing viewers to confront Stromae who looks you straight in the eye as he speaks to your soul. Rather than a live music video in front of an audience, the artist’s live performance video begins in the middle of an interview, beginning in the middle of a conversation. Rather than standing on a stage, the artist stays seated and sings directly in front of the camera. Stromae doesn’t need a massive scene or excessive visual effects to get his point across – he just wants you to see him and listen to what he has to say.

“Hell” was released as a promotion for Stromae’s upcoming album, Multitude, slated for release in March. “Hell” follows the artist’s previous single, “Sante”.


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