Taylor Swift Debuts On TikTok With Stunning First Video, Calls “SwiftTok” Platform


Taylor Swift debuted on Tiktok and fans certainly won’t be disappointed.

The singer is on TikTok and not even on her second video, she has already changed the game (or the name of Tiktok for the matte). She went to call the platform “SwiftTok” which, given her talent and caliber, can really stick to people’s heads.

The music icon, 31, shocked fans by joining the hugely popular video-sharing app with a clip of herself in lip sync to British rapper Dave’s song “Screwface Capital”, whose song is named after him on the lyrics. Like other TikTok users who have mastered the art of lip-syncing while projecting,

Swift can be seen uttering the words: “I made a connection with the Russians / Six-figure talks, dinners in public / My custom-made laundry / My unpaid payments are quick like Taylor / And my boy, i have to ‘men a shot’. ” She certainly didn’t stop at lip syncing, however.

Each line of the song she spoke showed a different video of the music of the “Blank Space” singer over the past year. It’s a real treat for his fans.

@Taylor Swift
There’s a lot going on right now: the red vinyl (my version) is on presale on my site and oh I’m on tiktok now that the games are starting ## SwiftTok
original sound – Taylor Swift

Even she knew her first video had exceeded expectations, with the way she wrote the caption. “There’s a lot going on right now: the red vinyl (my version) is on presale on my site and oh I’m on tiktok now let the games start #SwiftTok,” she wrote.

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In June, Swift announced that she would be releasing her own version of “Red. This will count towards her fourth studio album, with a total of 30 tracks slated to appear on the original album, including fan favorite” All Too Well. , “but all would be extended versions, which are going to be more explicit.

It’s like “Red’s” mature sister.

Meanwhile, his debut on TikTok has certainly made waves. In just over an hour, there were already over 500,000 views of said first video. At the time, she already had at least 230,000 followers, according to page six. It is likely to grow a lot more.

It is not known whether she will be on the platform regularly or what type of videos she will be uploading, be it from her personal or professional life.

“It’s pretty much just a cat account,” one reads his bio. Which could mean she’ll use it to just throw cute videos of her, among other interpretations.

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