Tecate Alta Sinfónica, Converge Latin Music and the SF Philharmonic

TECATE® announced its new cultural platform, Tecate ALTA Presents: ALTA Sinfonicaa reinvented approach to classical music led by the Mexican-American conductor and founder of the San Francisco Philharmonic, Jessica Bejarano, and featuring collaborations with some of today’s hottest Latin artists including Snow Tha Product, Oscar Cortez and Los Rakas. ALTA Sinfónica will celebrate and bring audiences a convergence of classic and contemporary sounds.

It’s only fitting that this groundbreaking one-night performance takes place in a city like San Francisco on October 1, known for many firsts and loving the American counterculture and human rights movements. San Francisco proudly has one of the highest percentages of LGBTQ+ adults of any major metropolitan area in the United States, steeped in arts, music, food, and architecture scenes with roots in history and Mexican nuances -American.

Alta Sinfonia showcases the beauty and power of what is possible when different ideas and identities come together to bring their all together.

Senior Brand Director of Tecate, Oscar Martinez.

“As with any other cultural expression, we believe that music has no boundaries. To demonstrate the beauty of cross-cultural convergence, the San Francisco Philharmonic will merge with urban artists to create a whole new musical expression. Alta Sinfonia showcases the beauty and power of what is possible when different ideas and identities come together to make it all happen,” said Oscar Martinez, Senior Brand Manager, Tecate. “Tecate ALTA is about blurring lines, welcoming unique perspectives, and embracing what makes us different.”

Artists part of the ALTA Sinfónica experience and collaborating on original and exclusive musical pieces include:

  • Jessica Bejarano, a Mexican-American conductor from East Los Angeles and founder and musical director of the San Francisco Philharmonic Orchestra who has been invited to conduct in Russia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic , Spain, Venezuela and across the United States. She has also held motivational speaking engagements for many businesses, schools and arts organizations.
  • Snow Tha Product from San Jose, California, proudly represents being Mexican-American in their music. Before becoming a Latin Grammy-nominated rapper, Snow sang mariachi music, then found her voice through freestyle rap and hip-hop.
  • Oscar Cortez native of Los Angeles, Calif., is known for his “callejero” style that mixes regional Mexican corridos with urban sounds, enriching both genres with his unique vision.
  • Los Rakas is a Grammy-nominated Afro-Latin duo made up of cousins ​​Raka Rich and Raka Dun who are Panamanians from the Bay Area who create urban Latin music mixing hip-hop, plena, reggae and dancehall sounds.

A special docuseries capturing behind-the-scenes interviews, rehearsals and an introduction to bandleader Jessica Bejarano will be released on Tecate’s official social media following the in-person live event on October 1. Fans will soon be able to purchase tickets by visiting https://tecatebeerusa.com/altasinfonica all proceeds from ticket sales benefiting the San Francisco Philharmonic Orchestra directly.

ALTA Sinfónica is one of the latest novelties of the brand “Bring your all” creative campaign, addressing a new generation of consumers as unique and unconventional as the brand itself.

A bicultural beer without borders, Tecate ALTA is the lightest beer in the brand’s range of beers, which includes Tecate Original, Tecate Light and Tecate Michelada. For more information on Tecate ALTA and the brand’s wide variety of other beer products, visit tecatebeerusa.com/tecate-alta. Find the latest news on Facebook @CervezaTecateUSinstagram @TecateTwitter @Tecate and YouTube www.youtube.com/user/USATecate and use the hashtag #AltaSinfonica.

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