The Christmas spirit is alive and well – and very big – in Avon Lake

AVON LAKE, Ohio – Decorating your home for the Christmas holidays brings warm memories and lots of fun for the whole family by opening old-fashioned boxes to unwrap and display Christmas tree ornaments.

Often there are even other treasured knick-knacks and knickknacks that are fun to place in rooms on tables and other surfaces.

Avon Lake resident Gayle Bartos-Pool shares her many Christmas trees and extensive collection of decorations.

But Avon Lake resident Gayle Bartos-Pool would most certainly win the award for most Christmas items on display in a home as well as another award for the most organized and stylish Christmas displays. Her home is undeniably an awesome Christmas wonderland to see.

Her dining room exhibits include a large dollhouse with the smallest handmade contents and a collection of Santas which are mostly self-made. They are incredibly artistic, but it’s no surprise when you learn that Bartos-Pool is a true artist, who looks like her mother, with paintings of the two hanging in her house. She is also an accomplished writer having written 24 novels to date.

The Christmas spirit is alive and well - and very big - in Avon Lake

One of the life-size Santas from the collection of Gayle Bartos-Pool at Avon Lake.

Bartos-Pool’s father was in the US Airforce as she was growing up. As a teenager, his father (born December 6, St. Nicholas Day by the way) was stationed in France about 60 years ago. The family took a side trip to Germany where they bought their first collectible Santa Claus. The Christmas bug clearly bit her really hard at the time.

Today various trees in his house display the hundreds of ornaments and curios which obviously take a great deal of time and care to display as the decorations continue to move into virtually every room.

The Christmas spirit is alive and well - and very big - in Avon Lake

Some of the countless exquisite ornaments handmade by Gayle Bartos-Pool of Avon Lake.

Downstairs in a finished family room are plenty of other decorations including huge gingerbread creations and a life-size Santa Claus moving to the music.

“I love this stuff,” she said. Visitors can’t help but come to the same conclusion after discovering its beloved collections and Christmas home decor, decoration that would be nearly impossible to replicate.

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