The Cultural Bonus will grant up to 100 euros to spend on digital content – CVBJ

12/23/2021 at 8:41 p.m. CET

Europe Press

Up to 100 euros on the 400 euros of The culture voucher for young people who turn 18 in 2022 can be spent on cultural digital content; and the rest of the money can be invested in “traditional culture” such as festivals, movies, or newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

This is what the Minister of Culture and Sports explained today, Miquel Iceta, during the presentation of the 2021-2024 Reading Promotion Plan, where he specified that it will be after the approval and entry into force of the general state budgets that “the mechanism which allows young people to have this amount will be implemented”.

Therefore, as he warned, the effective implementation of the Cultural Bonus “will only take place in May or June”. “We have a very successful conception which will take the form of a decree and we will be able to approve it between the end of January and mid-February”, he added.

Regarding the content, Iceta added that they will be those they come from “the most traditional cultural sectors” such as books, film, performing arts, music, live performances or “online” platforms and newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

While the Culture Bonus has moved forward, it will cap digital content spending up to $ 100, and within that position it will also be capped – it’s not clear yet if it will be for months or money – consumption on platforms, in such a way that cannot allocate the 100 euros only to Netflix, Movistar Where Hbo, Among others; but they can be applied to other content offered by digital music platforms such as Spotify or podcasts.

Likewise, Iceta added that in this Cultural Bonus, which has a budget item of 210 million euros, it is also working on the inclusion of formulas so that the The beneficiary of the voucher can invite a person to one of the shows they attend, and that it can also have a certain “advantage”.

And also he stated that he is working with transport companies so that the young beneficiaries of the voucher can access grants while traveling.

“There is not the same offer in all cities and that is why we want there to be support for this mobility ”, It’s finish.

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