The endometriosis event of the summer: the warriors, a conc

We are thrilled to announce a special concert to raise funds for endometriosis at Nublu 151 in New York on Thursday, July 21 at 7 p.m. The concert celebrates the release of Warriors, a genre-spanning album with new music from 15 talented, up-and-coming women-led artists and groups channeling the experience of battling endometriosis. The event features performances from album contributors Sorry Mom, Charlotte Rose Benjamin and Powerviolets, as well as next year album contributors Slow Fiction and War Violet. The event is organized by Holy Fang Studios and Mary Knapp.

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“Music is a universal language that has the power to make us healthier,” EndoFound co-founder Dr. Tamer Seckin, said. “People with endometriosis need the energy and harmony, dissonance and love of music to continue to grow the endo community and raise awareness across continents, languages ​​and ages!” Dr. Seckin thanks all the artists and organizers for “their passion, their dedication and their kindness”.

Holy Fang Studios was founded by Oliver Ignatius and Bernadette Higgins and formed from the bones of legendary Brooklyn DIY institution Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen. Ignatius and Higgins were inspired to create Warriors together to reflect on Higgins’ journey with endometriosis, and they wanted to bring musicians into the conversation because music has always been one of the most natural ways to build community.

“Awareness of endometriosis has been a tremendous help to the community of warriors suffering from this disease. Unlike my youth, today, not only do I hear about it more publicly, but I finally see the recognition on the faces of strangers who I guess would have never heard of it,” Higgins said. “What unites the contributions to this album is intent and commitment to the EndoFound cause. Everyone gave to the project openly and freely!”

Other artists featured on the album include Lola Kirke, Flower Face, SlothBox (Leah Wellbaum of Slothrust), Odetta Hartman, Camellia Hartman, Shilpa Ray, Hello Mary, Stella Rose, The Dead Language, Noods, Homade, Fawn Response, Sun Rae. , and Sandpaperqueen. Contributors to next year’s album also include Slow Fiction and War Violet.

As Warriors Album cover artist Erin Axtell said, “Living with endometriosis has everything to do with why I became an artist. The pain has to go somewhere. Suffering is energy, so I use it for creative purposes. When you are barren, making art enhances the sense of loss. This project is important to me because endometriosis needs support. Women in pain need support and pain management. I’ve had four surgeries now and my life has been difficult, but I’m grateful for people who understand the pain. We need to create endo groups like AA because it’s not just pain, it’s pain for our partners, it’s pain for our careers and it’s pain for our joy .

“Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 people with uteruses and is one of the great unresolved health crises of our time and one that has affected us personally. Being Bernadette’s partner, in life and at work, brought into full awareness the struggles faced by those who suffer from endometriosis, and to be able to carry out this project is truly one of the greatest honors and joys of my life,” said Ignatius.

Ignatius and Higgins agreed that “being an Endo Warrior and fighting every day is an act of ultimate bravery. We hope this music reflects that!

The concert will celebrate the release of the album as well as the people who battle endometriosis on a daily basis. The album will be available to stream on major streaming platforms later this month and on Bandcamp, but you can grab your ticket today to join us for the endometriosis event of the summer. Don’t miss this one – it’s sure to be a powerful, inspiring and fun night. All proceeds benefit EndoFound’s programs to fund critical research, increase awareness, and advocate at the state level.

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