The Lewiston Art Festival is the best of the show

The 56th Annual Lewiston Arts Festival

Sat Aug 13, 2022 6:35 PM

The Lewiston Council on the Arts is hosting the 56th annual Lewiston Arts Festival this weekend. This prestigious event showcases the work of over 160 professional and student artists representing eight states and Canada, with creations lining Center Street.

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Shoppers wasted no time on Saturday getting out and exploring the art festival, with crowds forming and cars parked far away in the side streets as early as 10.30am.



(One winner per category this year)

•Best of Show: Bonnie Heddon, “Aqua Shag” (jewelry)

•Paint: Jillian Tayler, “Murder Creek Akron NY”

•Photography: James Hoggard, “Canadaway Creek Falls, Big Boulder”

• Graphic arts and drawing: Jessica Gadra, “Zoo”

• Mixed media: JoAnn Vanderheite, “Tribute”

• Arts and crafts I: Jewellery: Bonnie Heddon, “Aqua Shae” (necklace)

• Artist’s craft II: fiber, leather, wood: Maura Hartwig, “Sunrise Pack” (leather/fiber)

• Artist’s craft III: glass, ceramic, metal: Elyse Wall, “The Spirit of the Glacier” (ceramic)

• Better stand display: Matt Retzlaff, Booth #700

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