The secret of the clip “Lose You To Love Me”


Selena Gomez is back with new music after four years. What many don’t know: your music video too “Lose You To Love Me” decides her remaining videos.

Selena Gomez has been silent for four years. This is the time fans had to endure without new music from Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend. Fortunately, that changed a few hours ago. Sel released her new single “Lose You To Love Me”, which she had already announced on Instagram in recent days. Along with the song she obviously sings in about her failed relationship with Justin, there was also an atmospheric black and white video. It differs from the rest of their clips, and it’s not just because of the lack of color.

The inspiration for his new song

Selena Gomez revealed that the clip was shot from start to finish on an iPhone – she had never done it before. A secret that she only reveals on her Instagram account. The focus should therefore be on the singer, who seems to settle accounts with an old love in the song “Lose You To Love Me”. In the clip, only the singer is seen, who is seated facing the camera and appears to be experiencing a mixture of different feelings. Sometimes she looks angry, then sad and then she laughs again. “This song was inspired by a lot of things that have happened in my life since the release of my last album,” she explains, hoping this song will give her fans hope that they can come out stronger. difficult times.

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