The shy r / K Theory of Almeria releases his first album

The closest to you to identify the r / K theory Credit: r / K theory

EXCLUSIVE: The shy Almeria-based r / K Theory is releasing his debut album after more than 20 years of dedication to his craft.

Not all musicians want to be the leader or even monopolize the limelight and the one who records under the title The r / K Theory doesn’t even want to be named.

Addressing exclusively to Weekly Euro News about his new album, this 40 year old something who now lives in Almeria after growing up in Barnsley explained “I literally fear being recognized on the streets and even my promotional photographs are altered so you can’t tell me recognize but I live to make music. “

He moved to Spain almost five years ago and met his wife, who is a well known international DJ, in Mallorca and they decided to move to a quieter and cooler place. to like.

The artist known as r / K has been heavily involved in house and electronic music since entering the scene and has been making music for himself for 20 years, but with one of their converted studio rooms and a lot of time due to foreclosure he really had a lot of time to compose having turned professional in 2019.

He works very slowly but over the years has released a number of tracks through specialist companies but with an older stock of material that could be updated and time to produce new music he decided that it was time for an album and coincidentally while discussing music on twitter he was offered a recording deal.

As a sign of goodwill to a company that released one of his singles, he told them he was going to update it and include it on the album and they too offered him a deal.

In the end, the first offer was unsuccessful as the original company dropped out and as he clarified “I had to decide if I should release my debut album. [un]Natural Synthesis to someone else and after a lot of thought I decided that having or having spent so much time writing, recording and producing the eight tracks spanning several electronic subgenres I wanted to stay in control and now l he album is released on January 7 via various online platforms.

Speaking about the content of the album, he said “From the epic opening Cross the void, on the delicate piano and strings piece Morning rain, to the sunny waves of well-being of Summer song, there is something for everyone on this album which is both diverse and unified.

While he expects most sales to be through downloads, he has managed to team up with a bespoke manufacturer in the UK (where his biggest fan base is located) to make it easier to get through Orders directly with them and CDs are basically made to order and shipped.

Not only is he a musician, but he’s been persuaded to fill a weekly slot on Almeria Radio and the Hour of Casa de Ritmo (House of Rhythm) comes out every Friday at 7 p.m. with very little lyrics but a selection of house music through the decades.

Visit to learn more about the new album and the illusory, slightly mysterious musician.

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