The unfortunate incident at Chrisland School

It was shocking and embarrassing when a mother last week cried out that her 10-year-old daughter, who attends Chrisland School in Lagos, had been drugged and raped during the recently held World School Games (WSG) to Dubai. In a viral video, the mother said she had paid a lot of money at the school’s request to have her daughter go on the trip, only to have her raped during the sports meet; alleging that the school concealed the incident from his knowledge. She further claimed that the school threatened to kill her daughter if she ever spoke about the incident.

Public outrage quickly followed the video showing love acts between the girl and a boy in Dubai. The video was posted on the Instagram page of a music director, Ubi Franklin. The mother alleged that some students filmed the romantic scene and posted it online after her daughter was assaulted. She further revealed that when the school was confronted with the incident, they suspended her daughter. However, the content of the video shows that his claims may not be entirely true.

The indefinite suspension was passed on to the girl’s parents in a letter purportedly signed by her manager, GI Azike, noting that their daughter had been involved in inappropriate behavior during the recently concluded WSG in Dubai. Further intimidating the parents, the letter stated: “Along with a few of her counterparts, she deliberately participated in a game which they called ‘Truth or Dare’, a game which brought her and a few other co- learners, to commit the immoral act after the lights out instruction was given.Six of the 77 students who represented the school at WSG were allegedly involved in the misconduct.

The decision by the Lagos State Government to close all Chrisland schools in the state when the incident was reported was relevant. The state government immediately called on relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), including the Ministry of Education and the Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency of Lagos State, to investigate the the incident, just as the police invited all parties to the incident for questioning. The Lagos government has now reopened schools.

Reacting to allegations of neglect, the school said students were being held in separate rooms and floors. with the boys on the fourth floor of the hotel and the girls on the 11th. The school also said that neither the rape nor the administration of a pregnancy test to a child took place under its supervision. However, the school’s explanation that efforts to reach the victim’s parents were unsuccessful is untenable. The school would have reached the parents by any means if it was, for example, the payment of the fees owed to it.

We further find the school’s decision in its letter to the victim’s parents, which suspended the victim indefinitely until “the parents ensure that she is punished, properly counseled, and rehabilitated.” as unprofessional. By this, the school is only pretending to be self-righteous as if it is not part of the process intended to discipline students and staff in error. It was then that the misconduct took place under his watch.

The video clip of the incident shows a clear breakdown of cultural values ​​in Nigerian society. Bad parenting in many families has critically eroded the moral fabric of society. Adults must understand the imperatives of rescuing and rejuvenating the derailed model of child rearing that was once a pride in African societies. We advise Nigerian parents and adults to drop their outrageous obsession with Western culture; celebrate it as if all was fair.

The moral tone in schools is always a reflection of what is happening in society at large. Indeed, some teachers need more guidance than their students. The lack of effective control mechanisms and the negligence of the teachers who accompanied the students to Dubai are the main factors behind the alleged scandal. A Chrisland school supervisor was sentenced in 2019 to 60 years in prison for desecrating a 2-year-old child. Balancing moral standards and excessive parental care remained a challenge in schools that charge very high fees.

The bizarre outing of Chrisland students is not unexpected, where children have free access to unregulated content they have no interest in accessing on social media. It is time for the National Film and Video Sensors Board (NFVSB) to review the operational guidelines with regards to entertainment program content on Nigerian television channels. Some uncultured content in Nigerian music is also calling for an overhaul of standards within the industry. Relevant departments of state ministries of education are urged to strengthen their monitoring of private school operations to ensure that guidelines for travel involving boys and girls are adhered to.

While we ask that the investigation committee’s report set out the failures that led to the unfortunate incident and recommend sanctions, we insist that failure to discipline parties found to be in default, including the school , teachers and students, will only maintain immorality in schools.

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