The Waves Black Friday Sale is here, and it’s ridiculous – save $$$ and choose from 129 plugins for free!

It’s Black Friday, and Waves knows a thing or two about showcasing the best. Black Friday plugin offers. Always a highlight of the season, this year is no different with a few astronomical discounts on some of its best-selling plugins – like, thousands of dollars off. But there is more, because in addition to decimating the price of its software, the Godfather plugin wants you to keep adding to your cart, and it makes you offers that you will have a hard time refusing.

You will get the displayed discount prices, no matter how many plugins you purchase, using the code BF21 at checkout, but if you spend more than $ 50, you will receive a free plugin. Continue up to $ 90 and you can choose two free plugins, and if you hit $ 120 you can get three free plugins.

Waves has included all categories of plugins and effects and there are bundles available as well. For example, the Mercury bundle of 180 plugins has been reduced from its total price of $ 7,599 to $ 1,699.99. The Horizon Pack has a combined value of $ 3,999, but here it’s reduced to just $ 274.99, while the popular Diamond and Platinum Packs are down 90% and 92% respectively!

There are also massive savings on top-selling individual plugins, like Waves Tune Real-Time, SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, CLA Vocals and the J37 Tape emulator all set at just 29.99 $.

Now, it’s worth being tactical here, as there are 129 plugins in the “choose for free” menu, and you can do this as many times as you want. So, with a little planning, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on regular prices while also maximizing the number of plugins you get for your money.

You do not know where to start ? Check out our best guide to Waves plugins and browse the deals below.

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