Three of our favorite Hayley Kiyoko clips

Everyone’s favorite actress-turned-singer Hayley Kiyoko recently released “For The Girls,” and we at THP are absolutely obsessed with the music video. The song is about and celebrating women and is perfect for the summer season. This is the third release from his highly anticipated forthcoming album. PANORAMA, is slated for release on July 29. In classic Hayley fashion, the clip is highly conceptual and offbeat, and it quickly became one of our all-time favorite videos. So, while it was very difficult to narrow it down to just three, we’re here today to discuss a selection of our favorite Hayley Kiyoko clips.

‘for the girls’

The music video for ‘for the girls’ depicts a group of girls vying for the love of Hayley, taking inspiration from the reality show and somewhat spoofing the reality show, The single person. The video actually features Hayley’s longtime partner and ex-Bachelor star Becca Tilley, adding another exciting element to the already adorable music video. Hayley said she thought this concept was perfect for the song, stating:

“I loved the idea of ​​creating a ‘Bachelor’ themed video with a queer storyline. ‘For the Girls’ fit the concept and energy of the song so well. I always want people to relate. feel validated and hope everyone can find true love no matter how they identify or who they love.

With this unique concept, Hayley is able to create a super fun and playful video that is extremely enjoyable to watch. Hayley also recently discussed a bunch of behind-the-scenes facts about the video across the VEVO footnotes series, revealing details like the fact that it was sometimes difficult to film because the team found the actresses so funny. She also revealed that she originally had no intention of keeping the cast audio captured on set, but just thought it was too good to leave out. Honestly, we seriously wish this was a real series of The single person because we wouldn’t want to miss a single episode. See more fun behind-the-scenes details here!

‘Gravel at Tempo’

“Gravel to Tempo” was Hayley’s first single citrine EP and remains a staple of Hayley’s discography despite being six years old. It’s also one of Hayley’s favorite songs she’s ever written, and we at THP can’t agree more than that. The song itself is about being different and choosing not to care about standing out or what people think of you. That message is perfectly captured in the music video, which shows Hayley dancing to a popular girl group at a high school. Through this dance, Hayley shows the girls that she doesn’t care about not fitting in with them and that she embraces her uniqueness.

It ends with Hayley burning pictures of the girl group as a way to symbolically object to the pressures they and the other people around Hayley have put on her. The actresses who play these girls have been in various TV shows and movies such as Supernatural, Pretty little Liarsand 21 jump street. What a talented cast! In the behind-the-scenes video for the “Gravel to Tempo” MV, Hayley mentioned that the video was quite low budget. However, it still felt very high quality and will be one we will keep coming back to for years to come.


“Curious” was the lead single from Hayley’s debut album, Expectations. Released in 2018, the Expectations The album is an absolute masterpiece that really doesn’t have a single leap. We highly recommend it! This music video also showcases some of Hayley’s dance skills, with her performing a choreographed group number with a series of backup dancers that makes her look effortlessly cool. This air of freshness is further enhanced by Hayley’s style, with her bright colors and funky patterns making her look like the perfect blend of laid-back and fashionable at the same time.

See also

Using a house party as the setting, the video shows Hayley’s relationship with an ex who is still hung up on her despite being in a new relationship. At first this affects Hayley, and she accepts it, but by the end of the video she is able to regain control of the relationship and no longer allows her ex to play with her feelings. Hayley explained how the song is inspired by her experiences in a special relationship, making the video feel more personal and intimate. Overall, it sends an empowering message and is essential viewing for anyone going through a sticky situation.

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