Top 5 independent Korean artists to watch in 2022

With K-pop taking the world by storm, it’s only natural for fans to delve into Korean music from other genres. Here, HYPEBAE brings together some of the best K-indie artists to pay attention to this year.

Our list is led by the singer-songwriter Youra, whose calming, dreamy voice appears on hit tracks like “Can i love?The musician has acquired a presence not only in the music industry but also in the fashion world, having collaborated with Seoul-based street brands such as MISCHIEF and why not us. Keumbee, loved for her sparkling voice, as well as EXN, which breaks the boundaries between a variety of musical genres.

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Like many small group musicians, EXN launched his career by sharing his music on SoundCloud since 2017. The star has received a lot of attention for his unique sound that blurs the lines between singing and rap. She is also known for her musical style which does not stick to a specific genre, but rather a mixture of various rhythms. In 2021, the 22-year-old released her very first EP. [QQQQQ] with a total of six tracks, five in which she asks the world questions. The artist ends the EP with the song “EXN RESPONSE. ”

Jue is an R&B musician who made her debut in 2018 with her track “Call me back. “Although she has only given up singles so far, she is already appreciated for her groovy tracks such as”Salvia” and “Happy ending. “His 2021 hit”Lucid dream, ”Produced in partnership with Hookuo, has been praised for its retro-inspired sound.

Despite making her debut amid the pandemic, Keumbee built a strong fan base with her debut album I can’t believe it’s not butter!. The record is led by “908”, one of the musician’s hits to date which has ended up being featured in television commercials. The musician combines her background in jazz music with sparkling disco sounds to develop her own style.

If you’re a K-hip hop fan, you’ve probably heard SURAN’s voice in songs by names like benzino, Dynamicduo and PRIMARY. After years of collaborating with musicians, the singer finally launched her independent label in 2021 to release more of her own music. Some of his recent successes include “Sunny,” as good as “Blanket“with the rapper Wonstein.

Singer-songwriter Youra is known for her dreamy voice featured in hit songs like “Can i love?” and “Sway. “She became a name to watch following the release of her very first EP, which was produced by an escape musician. Car, garden. Besides music, Youra is also loved by the Korean fashion scene, having modeled for labels like MISCHIEF and why not us.

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