Top 5 Methods to Promote Music Video on YouTube

The 5 best techniques to promote your music on YouTube

YouTube is one of the best platforms for hosting your music and videos. The site has over 1.86 billion viewers who are hungry for new, exciting tracks.

However, YouTube is also very competitive with countless artists. Then comes the question:

How to promote your music on YouTube? How to get more views, likes and subscribers?

Let’s find out!

1. Invest in YouTube Ads


Ads can be a great way to promote music on YouTube. Your ad will run on similar video clips and help you get more viewers. You can run your campaign for a few weeks and see your views and followers grow.

Best of all, YouTube ads for musicians don’t burn a hole in your pockets. You can start with a daily budget of around $ 10 to promote a music video on YouTube.

Moreover, you can opt for YouTube promotion services like Produce if you want better results.

2. Create a great video

A lot of people wonder how to get noticed on YouTube by singing. They produce quality songs and upload them to YouTube. But unfortunately the videos don’t get enough views.

You have to understand that YouTube is a visual platform. Therefore, just uploading your album art for your entire video will not work.

You will need to create a good video that your listeners would love to watch. It doesn’t need a huge budget because home videos are also going viral. You can take the example of the song Jungle by Tash Sultana which is a personal video with millions of views.

So, start filming to promote your music on YouTube. You can even use basic equipment for shooting, like your iPhone.

3. Add your music to YouTube playlists

How to easily promote music on YouTube?

Playlists on YouTube are a great choice for increasing your views and subscriptions. Many people watch these playlists and can generate more views for your music videos.

The trick is to add your music video to related genres or musician playlists. You can also create your own playlist and add any video you want.

Include your music in as many playlists as possible to take advantage of a free promotion.

4. Focus on YouTube SEO

SEO is the secret to gaining organic traffic and increase visibility on search engines. Now you can use the same technique to make your music popular on YouTube.

How to promote a music video on YouTube with SEO?

The idea of ​​SEO is to make your website easy to find. So use keywords related to your music in the title, tags and description of your video. Additionally, write a detailed description that says more about your song.

Additionally, include keywords in your channel description. Additionally, avoid naming your videos that match existing YouTube videos.

5. Collaborate with popular musicians


How do I make my song go viral on YouTube?

Putting original music on YouTube makes your videos more likely to go viral. However, sometimes you need an extra boost to scroll through the number of views.

The best way to do this is to collaborate with other YouTubers and musicians. You can also work with influencers to promote your music and get more views.

However, famous influencers may not be willing to work with a newbie. In this case, you can collaborate with someone who has a few hundred subscribers. You can both contribute to each other’s success this way.

Moreover, you can also approach popular music channels on YouTube. They can upload your music to their channel and give you a bigger audience base.

Final thoughts

YouTube is a great platform to market your music. However, you will need to promote your music videos in the right way to get high views. You can promote your video for free by adding it to playlists or working with co-musicians on YouTube. Additionally, you can approach music channels to increase your views. Additionally, you can also try YouTube ads if you are willing to spend.

Image Credit: Christian Wiediger to Unsplash

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