Top 50 most watched YouTube channels in the world • Week of 12/26/2021

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Of the world’s 50 most viewed YouTube channels this week, more than half are mostly active on YouTube Shorts.

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While there’s an abbreviated revolution going on on YouTube, no one has told the channels at the top of our chart. The main channels of the world’s Top 50 continue to rely on long content.

Graphic Toppers

T series finished an entire month at the top of our world rankings. The Indian channel retained the first place of our World Top 50 by counting 835.8 million weekly views during Christmas week. With this audience, the music and cinema hub was able to exceed 175 billion lifetime views on Youtube.

Thanks to a 28% week to week audience increase, Cocomelon – Nursery rhymes retains second place in our global Top 50. The American channel, which broadcasts colorful jingles to its young audience, ended the week with 748.5 million views. His 125 million subscribers lead all US-based chains

Like Cocomelon, this week’s # 3 channel is seeing an audience increase of more than 20% from one week to the next. Like Nastya, a US-based family vlog, was the second runner-up in our latest Global Top 50. 690.6 million weekly views Nastya and her family arrived this week, it was good enough for them to move up one spot from their previous position in the rankings.

The chain that Like Nastya pushed back from third place, SET India, replaced him in fourth this week. The South Asian TV channel, owned and operated by Sony, managed 568.1 million weekly views during our Christmas measurement period.

Marta and Rustam completed this week’s world top five. The US-based hub is the top-ranked channel in the YouTube Shorts-based table. His seven-day views total exceeded 440.8 million weekly views.

Best winners

This week, France’s emblematic tricolor was featured in our global Top 50.

By quadrupling its audience week after week, Tuvok12 suitably fixed on post n ° 12 in our world ranking. The French channel counted 334.8 million weekly views, which also happens to be the majority of his lifetime views on YouTube.

How did Tuvok make such a big upward move in seven days? Unsurprisingly, the channel’s presence on YouTube Shorts is its beating heart. Tuvok’s most popular videos are short clips that challenge passers-by to hit a target with a soccer ball or land a shot with a basketball. Each person who participates gets a digital rating, complete with a descriptive emoji, and in those ratings Tuvok adds some comedy to its content.

There are some great life lessons to be learned from Tuvok. Remember, if a stranger throws a ball at you in public, you need to show off your skills. YouTube is watching.

Channel distribution

Here is a breakdown of the 50 most watched channels this week according to their country of origin:

  • United States: 18 channels in the Top 50.
  • India: 12 channels in the Top 50.
  • Russia: 4 channels in the Top 50.
  • Canada, Japan, Turkey and United Kingdom: 2 channels in the Top 50.
  • Cyprus, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates: 1 channel each in the Top 50.

This week, 26 channels in the Top 50 are mainly active on YouTube Shorts.

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