Trace Adkins joins Pitbull in Nashville for epic duet at Bridgestone Arena


Trace Adkins joined Pit bull for an epic duet this week in Nashville.

During Pitbull Tour I feel good Thursday, October 7 in Nashville, TN at Bridgestone Arena, the 40-year-old Latin and Florida superstar surprised the crowd with country superstar Trace Adkins.

Adkins joined the “Give Me Everything” frontman for an epic performance of their collaborative track, “Where The Country Girls At,” a song that features Adkins, Pitbull and Luke Bryan. While Bryan was not present at the show, as he is currently in the middle of his Proud To Be Right Here tour, Adkins and Pitbull gave an impressive performance from the rowdy track.

“The music is so beautiful, it brings everyone together. Unites and does not divide. We made this record and I haven’t even had a chance to meet the people on the record yet, ”Pitbull told the crowd. “So tonight I’m fortunate enough to meet someone in person for whom I have immense respect and also have the chance to play this record with it. So we’re going to play it in Nashville and meet for first time. These people are called history in the making, so I’d like to release the one and only, Trace Adkins.

The country superstar and “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” singer was greeted on stage with a Pitbull hug and thunderous applause from the Nashville audience, as he joined the singer in the center of the stage.

“So Trace and I would like to know where the country girls are?” Pitbull asked the crowd before exploding in their performance.

Performing in black cowboy hats, the pair of superstars performed the popular song as clips from their recently released music video for the track which aired on the giant screens behind them.

Watch the performance below.

“Where The Country Girls At” appears on Adkins’ 25th Anniversary album, The way i wanna go.

The unexpected trio, Pitbull, Adkins and Luke Bryan, recently shared a music video for their collaborative success, which brought a rowdy dance party to Nashville.

The video, directed by David Rousseau, features the artists in their own worlds, Bryan and Adkins in Nashville, TN and Pitbull in Miami, Florida, on a luxury yacht. Ahead of his release, Adkins shared a teaser on social media, where he and Bryan are chatting and wondering where the third member of their collaboration is.

Pitbull is pictured cruising on his yacht, while his passengers pour drinks made from Espanita Tequila, the brand for which Pitbull has recently become the ambassador. The footage alternates between the pop singer’s trip and Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge Bar on Broadway in Nashville, where Bryan and Adkins host their own dance party.

“I liked it. The fact that Luke and Pitbull add their talent makes it a special video for me,” Adkins said in a recent interview. “A honky-tonk, country girls, a song they can dance to , and Pitbull on his yacht. It’s a wrap!

During his “Track By Track” social media series, Adkins described this single as “a cool little game.” He then went on to explain how Bryan and Pitbull became a part of the team. “They talked about putting Pitbull on this thing and I said, ‘you can ask him, he’s probably going to say no’, but he didn’t, and I like what he wrote for the song, I love the way it turned out. We had a lot of fun doing it, ”he explained.

This is not the first time that country music has mixed with another genre, such as pop or hip-hop. In fact, in 2005-2006, Adkins had two pop-crossover hits, “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” and “Ladies Love Country Boys”. Another star artist outside of the country genre that can be heard on The Way I Want to Go is Snoop Dog for the track “So Do The Neighbors”. This album combines tradition and adventure for Adkins, who explored his creativity and thought outside the box for each single.

Luke Bryan and Trace Adkins; Photo courtesy of YouTube

Bryan is no stranger to pop-party anthems, as evidenced by his 2011 hit single, “Country Girl Shake It For Me,” his 2013 album, Spring Break… Here to party, and so many others.

Pitbull has also dabbled in the country music scene before. In 2019, Pitbull hired Blake Shelton to collaborate on his single “Get Ready” from his album Liberated 548. Prior to that, in 2016, he appeared on Keith Urban’s “Sun Don’t Let Me Down” .
Whether they’re at a nightclub in Miami or on a honky-tonk rooftop in Nashville, it’s no secret that these performers love to have a good time and put their listeners on their feet, dancing the night away to their hits. at high energy.

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