Turn photos into video slideshows Instagram, TikTok


Instagram will suggest music you can use for your Reel soundtrack (left), and you can use one of the suggested tracks or search for one; you can also change the reel to change the display length of each photo (center); Finally, you can add a title to your reel and tags to help it be found.

Make Instagram Reels

Reels are short videos up to 90 seconds long that you can create on Instagram. They appear in your content feed.

To create a coil, click the + button at the top right, next to the hearts and notifications tab, and select Reel. If this is your first time doing this, you will need to allow Instagram to access your camera and microphone.

You can record a new reel on the spot by clicking the white record button and recording the live video. But for our purposes, we want to create a reel from your photo library, so select the bottom left thumbnail, the one with a circled + inside. This will take you to your photo library.

Click it top right icon, which looks like a square with a border. This allows you to select multiple photos. Choose the photos you want to use, starting with the one you want to see first. When you’re done, click Next.

Instagram will suggest music for a soundtrack with a list of songs that the algorithm has decided to match your photos. Instagram will automatically sync music with your photos.

You can also search for different songs to add. Meta has licensing agreements with many major labels, allowing short use of the songs in Reels. But you won’t be able to use more than 30-60 seconds of a song. If your video is longer, you will have to accept the preselected royalty-free song, which will be longer.

You can publish the slideshow as is or tweak it.

Instagram asks you if you want to edit the clips. You can make the photos appear on the screen longer or shorter by dragging a slider outside the clip. You can also add a clip or two or rearrange the photos. Enjoy.

When you’re done, create a title for the video, add tags to make it easier to find, and click To share.

You can also click on a tab to share it directly to Facebook from the Share menu.

Pro tip: You can create a Reel directly on Facebook from your mobile phone, but only with video clips. The creation process is the same, starting with selecting multiple clips, choosing an order for them, and choosing the music. However, on Facebook, the delay is 90 seconds.

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