Utopia reveals huge international royalty partnership – can the tech company close the data gap? | Digital

Utopia Music presented its technology as a game changer for music.

The Swiss fintech spoke to music week on its ambitions to effectively power the music industry back-end with innovative data solutions.

For those wondering where this discussion might lead, there are now some concrete answers. Utopia has signed an agreement with Red Bee Media, one of the world’s leading media service providers, to access a large amount of music data from international broadcasters. The aim is to bring transparency and greater efficiency in the allocation of royalties for the use of music on television and radio.

Of course, collecting societies already do this work in individual territories on behalf of their members (and with a a lot of number calculations).

But Utopia believes it has the technology and the solution to track and process this information globally – and accurately – to help close the music industry data gap (and, of course, earn extra income).

If their plan works, then – in conjunction with management companies such as PRS for Music/ICE and PPL – this could begin to transform the global music industry’s data problem and increase royalties for artists and songwriters.

Red Bee Media will provide Utopia Music with 24/7 audio streams from over 9,000 TV and radio channels in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia) for analysis to ensure that rightsholders are properly and fairly paid for the use of their music.

The service also offers to help TV program creators and broadcasters track and publish their music usage faster, cheaper and with fewer errors.

Utopia is on a mission to upgrade the entire music industry

Markku Mäkeläinen

Tracking and reporting on music usage can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for broadcasters and content producers. The administrative process, including fact sheets for hundreds of rights holders, can take months, which in turn leads to delays in royalties distributed to artists and songwriters.

Red Bee Media’s Connect service, which provides thousands of channels to broadcasters, content owners and distributors worldwide, will be used so that TV and radio channel streams can be redirected and processed on the platform. database from Utopia, which currently holds 213 billion historical music consumption data points. from more than 194 countries. Through this partnership, Utopia will be able to track actual music usage, including unlicensed uses.

“Utopia is on a mission to upgrade the entire music industry by providing access to clear, transparent and trusted data-driven solutions,” said Markku Mäkeläinen, CEO, Utopia Music (Photo). “Currently, in television, the obligation lies mainly with the program producer to declare what music is used and when, which is costly in terms of time and resources. What we’re doing by partnering with Red Bee Media is making this process easier, faster and more transparent for everyone, so we can provide fair compensation for every game.”

Steve Nylund, CEO of Red Bee Media, added: “It is extremely exciting to see Utopia’s truly unique adoption of our Connect service, making music rights payment simpler and more accurate for everyone. Utopia uses this service to tackle a big challenge in a unique and innovative way. We’re excited to work with them to make it easier for all content owners and distributors to meet regulatory requirements and ensure payments go to the right places to support the entire music industry.

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