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After building a website that included prints, bags, pillows and more, Mayhew was able to sell to people all over the world.

Some artists, like Miami sculptor Ancizar Marin, rely solely on in-person sales.

Marin only sells his brightly colored figurines at art fairs. During the pandemic, all he could do was create and wait.

Gabor Koranyi takes care of a work stand created by his wife, Alla Tsank. All the artists who were to attend the Art Fair 2020 in the square have been invited again this year.


“All I was able to do was create pieces and prepare myself for this time, so I now have a lot of work in my studio ready to sell,” Marin said.

Now that the fairs are back, Marin stays busy. His sales have doubled since 2020 and he plans to attend a total of 40 shows in 2021. However, supply chain shortages linked to the pandemic have made fiberglass and automotive paint difficult for Marin to use.

Art fair in the square

A man carries a handcrafted table through the bustling Capitol Square. Each year, Art Fair on the Square attracts around 200,000 visitors.


New Forms

The pandemic has led Paul Prorok, a travel photographer from Reedsburg, to completely change art forms. Prorok, who has visited 63 countries and usually travels three times a year, has not left the United States for two years.

Art fair in the square

Visitors to Art Fair on the Square are reflected in mirrors created by artist Dan Sayre of Akron, Ohio. Last year, the fair went live, with photos of the pieces available and links to artist websites, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“People are afraid of travel now, so the travel photography industry has kind of collapsed,” said Prorok. “In the world of sales, you have to have a positive image. If there is a negative point in (a buyer’s) mind, they won’t spend any money on it. “

For now, Prorok is expressing himself through painting, a practice he discovered while recovering from knee surgery last winter.

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