Watch Trace Adkins’ new music video with Luke Bryan and Pitbull


Trace Adkins has released the official music video for his new song “Where The Country Girls At”. The features of the song Luke Bryan and hip-hop artist Pitbull, both of whom appear in the video.

The country pop tune feels like an updated version of Adkins’ 2005 hit “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” and the videos have similarities as well. Adkins appears to be at home surrounded by women having fun at the bar.

This time around, however, he’s joined by Bryan, Pitbull, and a bit of new scenery. In addition to the guys night out at the bar, Pitbull is seen partying on his private yacht.

There is no doubt that Bryan was at home during the filming of the video, as the bar scenes were shot at his own bar, Luke’s 32 Bridge, in Nashville. Adkins was also treated as a member of the family there.

“The staff and management treated us in the most hospitable manner,” said Adkins. CMT, “and we laughed a lot.”

Adkins even tested the menu during his stay. “At Luke’s, they serve a good burrito for breakfast,” he says.

Overall, the video appears to have played out exactly as Adkins had envisioned for the track.

“I loved it,” he continues. “Having Luke and Pitbull add their talent makes this video special for me. A honky-tonk, country girls, a song they can dance to, and Pitbull on his yacht. It’s a wrap! “

The first video is just from Adkins celebrating 25 years in music. The song is one of many celebrity collaborations that appear on her most recent album, The way i wanna go, which fell on August 27.

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