What channels are on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick


With the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can turn your regular TV into a Smart TV and watch virtually anything your heart desires. From streaming services and music to obscure video channels and sports, the Fire TV Stick, commonly known as the FireStick, is a device that can connect you to exactly the channel you want to watch.

Since the Fire TV Stick is an Amazon device, it provides access to Prime Video. If you’re not a Prime member, you can still buy and rent movies and TV shows through Prime Video on the Fire TV Stick, but you won’t have access to free shows and movies.

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Besides Amazon Prime Video, you can also download all the other major streaming services to your TV, including:

  • Netflix

  • Disney +

  • Apple tv

  • Hulu

  • HBO Max

  • Paramount +

  • Peacock TV

  • Tubi

  • Pluto TV

  • Unlimited access to CBS

  • Show time

  • Discovery More

  • and more

You can also watch live TV on the Amazon Fire TV Stick by downloading TV apps like Sling TV and YouTube TV. Depending on the package you subscribe to through the live TV apps, you will be able to watch all of your favorite story channels, HGTV, news shows, and more as they air.

You can also use YouTube, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, etc. on the device.

Amazon Fire TV Stick isn’t just limited to TV and movies – you can also stream music using the device by downloading Amazon Music, Apple Music, or Spotify. You can also watch music videos on YouTube or Vevo.

And if you are more of a sports fan, you can watch live football, soccer, baseball, basketball and more by downloading various third-party apps like ESPN for Fire TV, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports. , fuboTV and Suite.

While it doesn’t cost you anything to add these services to your Amazon Fire TV stick, most streaming services require a paid subscription in order to actually enjoy your content on the channel.

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