What is your favorite music video of Samiksha, Vishal and Bhavin AKA Teentigada?

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We have seen that many artists and influencers are interested in being part of music videos these days, aiming to showcase their various materials and amuse everyone on social media. Teen Tigada, the perfect trio of best friends, Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameeksha Sud and Vishal Pandey, have appeared in mind-blowing songs that we listen and watch over and over again. These songs raise the bar of friendship, and their relationship complements each other well! Take a look there !

1. Rula Ke Gaya Ishq

Teen Tigada portrays a beautiful love triangle in this song video, which is a huge hit. We were moved by this song, which was both heartbreaking and charming. If you haven’t already, go ahead and watch it!

2. Tu Bhi Royega

Teen Tigada’s Bhavin, Sameeksha and Vishal aka Bhavin, Sameeksha and Vishal aka Bhavin, Sameeksha and Vishal aka Teen. They gave an exciting performance and the song made us cry at the end. Plus, we loved how perfectly the visual complemented the song. This song is for you if you want to experience a roller coaster of emotions!

3. Tumhari Yaad Aayi Hai

It’s a song that perfectly captures the trio’s bond of friendship while demonstrating that memories last a lifetime. Aren’t they all adorable together? You must be living under a rock if you haven’t seen this clip!

4. Rang crossed out

This is a hit and energetic song about the festival of colors, often known as “Holi”. The music is so captivating and energetic that it makes us all want to get up and dance. This song has been around for a while, but we still can’t get enough of it!

5. Mera Bhai

The brothers in this song, Bhavin and Vishal, will undoubtedly shake you. This beautiful partnership has touched the hearts of many people and generated many positive feedbacks. We can’t stress enough how beautiful this song is and we find ourselves sharing it with our friends on a regular basis.

6. Raanjhan Ve

This song shows incredible talent and ingenuity! The music is definitely worth watching, with 265,000 views on YouTube. We can’t take our eyes off Sameeksha and Bhavin because they go so well together!

7. The Ilm

Vishal is an outside-the-box thinker! He was part of this amazing and spectacular song in these terrible times, and it really touches your heart. In addition, his playing is very natural and fluid.

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