Why I Cherish Gospel Music Than Secular Music —Ope’ Sharon

Rising Gospel Minister Mrs. Opeoluwa Adeniji is one of the few female gospel singers to win souls through spiritual songs. In this interview with SEYI SOKOYA, Ope’ Sharon, as he is known, talks about the need to sanitize the industry with godliness.

What was special about you that you brought to the gospel music industry?

Part of my main goal is to instill the essence of composing and singing scripture-based songs. It is not news that the industry has been filtered with ungodly musical works. But it’s time we all restored sanity to the industry in godly ways and I’m happy to be among the agents of change. For example, one of my songs called “Lati nu Oyun” was composed thanks to the revelation of the book of Jeremiah 1:5. He knew you and me before He formed us, He (God) took good care of us from conception (Lati nu Oyun) and the reason we are still here is because He (God) never given up on taking good care of us. Another one of my songs that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ; it’s a festive period song, and it was composed through inspiration gained from reading Isaiah 9:6.

How did you discover your passion for music?

I noticed that I liked to sing from childhood and I was always in the choir from the time of the children’s choir. Singing also gives me joy and fulfillment and I trace my natural talent in singing and found it.

When did you start playing music professionally?

Although the vision had been around for over a decade, I made it my career four years ago and the experience has been great. Gospel music is my calling and I’m thrilled to be a ship on honor.

Why the gospel and what is the experience like?

It is the gospel because I am a child of God and the vision was given by God to spread the gospel and glorify his name. Although I noticed that gospel music is not widely accepted as circular songs, I am not limited on this, I just want to convey the message that God has sent to me. I also believe that with God’s support, I will do valiantly.

What are the challenges?

Making music requires a lot of funding. So, having enough funds to advance my music career was the first challenge I faced, but with God’s help, we experienced divine upliftment.

How many works do you have to your credit?

So far I have five songs and a published book, with many audio messages that have changed lives in so many ways. There were testimonials from everywhere, but I refused to get carried away by it all. My goal is to continue to do his will and impact lives with the true gospel.

Competition among women is very high; how do you plan to break in?

As for me, I do not engage in any competition with anyone. All I want to do is run the race offered to me successfully to the end.

What other things do you venture into music besides?

I am an author; I write inspiring and motivational books. I am also an inspirational speaker to the glory of God. God speaks to me in various ways and I am very sensitive to his ordinance.

Are you happy with the state of things in the gospel music industry?

We are currently seeking the face of God to take pre-emptive control of the industry. I desire a music ministry where all gospel artists will minister for the common purpose of glorifying God and bringing sinners closer to God.

How did you manage to reconcile the home front and your career smoothly?

It was not easy to combine the two, but with strong determination and God’s help, I was able to make both work smoothly. I also benefited from the support of my dear husband. He has been a great support to me since I chose music as a career. I also appreciate the effort of parents, siblings, fans and everyone who believed in my dream. I pray that God will continue to bless them in Jesus name.

Even as a gospel musician, temptation is inevitable and admirers everywhere. How do you treat them?

It is true that there are temptations, but God has always given us the grace to overcome. I have long had a predetermined mind, never to be unfaithful in marriage and once I see or receive the signal of an opposite sex, I walk away immediately. I won’t smell what I know I can’t eat. Running away from all appearances of evil is what my Bible taught me.

How do you plan to expand your fan base?

By the grace of God, I found songs with great content, as well as working on my promotion and continuing to win more souls for Christ.

What is your childhood like?

I was born in Ondo Town, Ondo State in the family of Mr and Mrs Olawanle Ojo. I had my primary education at Our Saviors Anglican Primary School, while my secondary education was at Saint Ambrose Catholic Secondary School, Akinjagunla, Ondo.

I did my first degree from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State and my Masters degree from University of Lagos, Lagos.


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